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Trojan Football

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PinnedHot***TGWTG 2014 Kickoff Edition!*** Get your picks in!!!!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

****2014 TGWTG Kickoff Edition!****      I can't believe how quickly the summer has gone

40 520 jefmc59 Today 3:45 PM
by: Ole88 promo - 60 days FREE added to any subscription!

Limited time, if you sign up for any of our packages (monthly, 6 month or annual) Scout will

0 295 RyanAbraham 08/21/14 7:43 AM
by: RyanAbraham

PinnedAugust viewing practice policies for Trojans fans

August only practice viewing schedule/policies for fans  Here's the USC practice schedule

3 1053 DanWeber Today 1:34 PM
by: troypwr

Bruin Board?

Looks like more 'ruins are on the board than Trojans...little down, I guess, about Josh.  But,

6 175 OldSCFan Today 4:33 PM
by: bupolo

Josh Shaw admits he lied


14 4936 RyanAbraham Today 4:33 PM
by: hellojoe

HotJosh Shaw out indefinitely.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 On Saturday night, USC senior

69 3540 trojanpete Today 4:32 PM
by: oldmanjay66

Josh Shaw and Sarkisian

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I was not a huge fan of the Sarkisian hire, but it really irritates me when some people say

21 1243 CaseJack Today 4:29 PM
by: troy75

HotBigScud -- a lotta hard work ahead. You up for it?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...7 8 9 

It's not just the 16k -- It's the foundation that has to be laid all over again.   Where is the

168 2121 troy75 Today 4:27 PM
by: oldmanjay66

Sounds like Josh Shaw just came clean with the truth.

Ouch....I'm embarrassed for the young man. Maybe we all will find out what is the real story.

9 591 DuckPride100 Today 4:25 PM
by: poodlemothra

Theories on the JS Mystery...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Facts:   1.   Sprained ankles -- two of them.   Actually, severely sprained ankles.

23 1984 troy75 Today 4:19 PM
by: oldmanjay66

And college football season just kicked off


by: oldmanjay66

fresno @ usc

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I almost feel like usc can win by 50.why is the spread so low?

22 725 anykine Today 4:06 PM
by: oldmanjay66

WVU QB first kiss was Satan (Saban) daughter LMAO


My 14th Annual Pac-12 Preview is live on (link)

Greetings all... Great to be back on and the new Scout website for

2 204 Tom4SC Today 3:58 PM
by: Tom4SC

Game 1-Know thy enemy-Fresno State

Everyone remembers the last USC Game..USC 45 FSU 20.  USC ran (154 yards net) and passed (345

6 281 GaryD Today 3:24 PM
by: satxusc

HotPost on Virginia forum

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

I should start by telling you that I am a Ucla doctor - and big fan. I have respect for the

65 2771 DoctorBarry44 Today 3:12 PM
by: ViejoCabron

10 minutes of glory

Red Meat to prepare for the Fresno game..... LINK

2 162 mothkiller Today 2:32 PM
by: jamiedoodle0

I guess I should intro myself...

I'm a long time USC fan...season seats ,away games, USC events etc. Posters have seen me before

13 813 GaryD Today 2:24 PM
by: jefmc59

Bumbbling Stumbbling Tim Tessalone is at it again....

Wow, after muffing the Kiffin firing, the Ogeron "Not Getting Hired" and now the Josh

1 254 kingly Today 1:54 PM
by: oldmanjay66

HotSome thoughts on the Josh Shaw story...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I got a call last night from someone I trust who had information about this story being false. I

45 29399 RyanAbraham Today 1:21 PM
by: oldmanjay66

INSTANT ANALYSIS - Wednesday Josh Shaw update plus Sark

Full Instant Analysis report and Steve Sarkisian presser

3 478 RyanAbraham Today 1:11 PM
by: troypwr


Multiple Pages 1 2 

What do the airplane stewardesses tell you when oxygen masks deployed in airplane when with a

38 2223 FiteOn1 Today 10:34 AM
by: DatrojanUSC

HotSome thoughts on PAC-12 teams in the coming season...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Most likely Winner of the PAC-12 championship: Oregon Most overrated team in the

37 1681 GaryD Today 10:22 AM
by: oldmanjay66

Rumor Josh Shaw is hurt??

Injured jumping from second floor balcony at family member's home to rescue cousin in pool and

14 1208 shipwreckedcrew Today 10:02 AM
by: TroyKidd

VIDEO: Randall Telfer gets ready for Fresno State

Keely Eure chats with Telfer

0 54 RyanAbraham Today 7:02 AM
by: RyanAbraham

The Audible podcast with Bruce Feldman of FoxSports

I was a guest on his show today. The Audible

1 146 RyanAbraham Today 1:35 AM
by: SCinDC

Josh Shaw Update from OC Register

UPDATE : L.A. County Fire Department inspector  Scott Miller  said no 911 calls were received

9 2620 SCPowderHound Yesterday 10:14 PM
by: HappyHour

PODCAST - Fresno State preview

Special Peristyle Podcast episode previewing USC vs. Fresno State. Fresno State preview

0 118 RyanAbraham Yesterday 7:57 PM
by: RyanAbraham

new concussion hope...

I saw this today and I am hopeful that this will develop as at the article stated, ,BNA

1 212 zekethemeek Yesterday 7:54 PM
by: RBnumber39

Kudos to Ryan for reporting on JS story

He is working his tail off.   Great to know we're getting the latest news as it happens.

0 280 troy75 Yesterday 7:49 PM
by: troy75

MOVED: Kudos to Ryan for reporting on JS story

- - - -

If you happen to live near (or are traveling in) Minneapolis

The USC Alumni Club of the Twin Cities is watching the game at Jackson's Hole at 106 N. 3rd,

0 56 CaseJack Yesterday 6:54 PM
by: CaseJack

Trojans Live with Sark starting now

Trojans Live

1 324 RyanAbraham Yesterday 6:21 PM
by: lonobird

Josh Shaw's story is being vetted

According to ESPN SoCal

5 1565 SoCalDukeFan Yesterday 6:11 PM
by: brandonqtran

ABC7 report on Josh Shaw...

They teased an interview with Asia Shaw, Josh Shaw's sister. It ended up being only a few

0 811 RyanAbraham Yesterday 5:57 PM
by: RyanAbraham

F State still does not have a starting QB

We know how that does not work

5 342 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 11:28 AM
by: 5150dogfan

USC VS F State(Like to be Called)

Multiple Pages 1 2 

sbbulldog85 bullpup 932 posts this site ignore this member send private message

24 1152 oldmanjay66 Yesterday 11:19 AM
by: 5150dogfan

INSTANT ANALYSIS - Josh Shaw story news/reaction

Here is our Instant Analysis talking about this crazy Josh Shaw story. Tuesday Instant

0 812 RyanAbraham Yesterday 11:10 AM
by: RyanAbraham


Multiple Pages 1 2 3...6 7 8 

Cole Smith is in.  Sark beats mora yet again.

149 4837 huskytrojan Yesterday 10:24 AM
by: Ole88

***TGWTG 2014***

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Another football season is right around the corner and the Fresnecks will be invading the

44 1972 jefmc59 Yesterday 9:25 AM
by: NightWhoSaysKni
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