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Trojan Football

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Pinned***TGWTG 2014 Kickoff Edition!*** Get your picks in!!!!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 

****2014 TGWTG Kickoff Edition!****      I can't believe how quickly the summer has gone

107 1123 jefmc59 Today 9:29 PM
by: jefmc59 promo - 60 days FREE added to any subscription!

Limited time, if you sign up for any of our packages (monthly, 6 month or annual) Scout will

0 413 RyanAbraham 08/21/14 7:43 AM
by: RyanAbraham

USC defense

I had read somewhere, one of the sports websites, that USC may have the #1 defense in the

4 298 PitbullTodd Today 9:34 PM
by: poodlemothra

Bruceeeee ,I see us going deep in the playoffs

This needs it own thread BruinIEEE BANNED 620 posts this site Ignore this

0 8 SCweARE111 Today 9:33 PM
by: SCweARE111

This thread is for all the new guys who

were chomping at the bit to tell us all what a bad hire Sark was! Let the whining begin.

14 342 ViejoCabron Today 9:31 PM
by: jefmc59

PollWhat week will the wheels fall off the bRuins train?

5 282 USCFANINOREGON Today 9:28 PM
by: SCweARE111

Ucla Says Today's game was a Trap game lol

tyus1995 Member 374 posts this site Ignore this Member Send Private Message

3 154 SCweARE111 Today 9:27 PM
by: jefmc59

UW, Sark

Yup, UW he sucks.

11 436 lonobird Today 9:24 PM
by: oldmanjay66

Justin Davis not impressive to say the least

not sure why Buck is out.  Davis just fumbles.....that loses P12 games

6 342 PaulDrakeLives Today 9:23 PM
by: oldmanjay66

freshmen were studs tonight.

Future is bright.

6 404 USCFANINOREGON Today 9:10 PM
by: HappyHour

Hotfucla. UVA

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

I know its just the first half of the first game but fuclas offensive line looks horrible. No

67 864 SCF4L Today 8:27 PM
by: SCweARE111

Cal looks fantastic

Good to see them represent the PAC today and look a whole lot better than that dismal tem from

8 352 ballsweat Today 8:17 PM
by: poodlemothra

Immediate post-game thoughts

Congrats to Coach Sark for winning his USC head coaching debut. Offense was, in a word,

0 208 TrojanSkyCop97 Today 8:13 PM
by: TrojanSkyCop97

Real test is next week.

We have a lot of work to do.

0 208 USCFANINOREGON Today 7:52 PM

USC matches UCLA with 21 point quarter

Of course USC did it with offense! Fight On!

3 121 uscf8fl Today 7:30 PM
by: tj3333

Hot2nd half thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This is Trojan football. Let's see Max now.

37 458 USCFANINOREGON Today 7:30 PM
by: LVTrojan99

Hotofficial first half game thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...6 7 8 

Just spoke to rikc13 asked me to get this going that lucky dog is at the game. Who is there

150 674 USCFANINOREGON Today 6:51 PM

why stay in the 3-4 on 4th and goal at the 1.

Horrific defense scheme.

3 157 Quimoto Today 6:42 PM
by: nater10


Hoping defense can adjust and be ready for Bruins and Irish. This is embarrassing vs Fresno

0 144 nater10 Today 6:41 PM
by: nater10

Fresno getting clown stomped!

Couldn't resist. :)

3 148 thornyrose Today 6:29 PM
by: satxusc

clown U

Bet espn will be drink usc water this week. Like a used hooker.

0 114 USCFANINOREGON Today 6:16 PM


Held on, beast

3 200 ballsweat Today 6:07 PM
by: lonobird


USC Can't stop a running QB. This is good practice

1 74 nater10 Today 5:59 PM
by: DTer84

Tackle please

Wrap and tackle

0 30 nater10 Today 5:55 PM
by: nater10

Goodbye Kiffin, hello Sark :)

Playing fast and hard in all three phases. Other than a couple of dumb penalty's, this is a huge

0 110 shryder Today 5:17 PM
by: shryder

Warning to all PAC-12 teams....

Change conference soon.

0 126 OutdoorTrojan1992 Today 5:15 PM
by: OutdoorTrojan1992

Nice to see the OTHER tream tired....and that's why

we had to get out of that dreadful, slow, and outdated offense THIS is modern football,

0 62 PaulDrakeLives Today 5:14 PM
by: PaulDrakeLives

not a bad 90 yard opening drive for Sark and our boys!!!

so many players had their number called and they all stepped up to the plate. this offense could

0 78 USCCJ Today 4:47 PM


Hearing more about Lane then anyone else.

3 258 USCFANINOREGON Today 4:45 PM
by: ballsweat

UCLA Escapes Against a 2 Win Team Last Year.

UCLA should thank their lucky stars they didn't have to face a more talented team today. The

1 177 REG69 Today 4:06 PM
by: tsneddon

Where are the Trojans now who left USC from 2013 team...

As we approach the cut to 53 on Saturday here's a list of the 2013 USC players in their

7 636 GaryD Today 4:02 PM
by: Zeile27



19 334 OutdoorTrojan1992 Today 3:03 PM
by: nitch19

ESPN's Bias SEC and USC Coverage.

It's unbelievable how ESPN continues to harp on the Josh Shaw story and one particular ESPN

19 1144 REG69 Today 2:00 PM
by: oldmanjay66

Looking back,, I would have to say that two of my favorite

players ever were guys that were over shadowed by others, but were always there when we needed

9 454 WillysWagon Today 1:58 PM
by: thornyrose

UCLA's Red Flags Are Noticeable.

If it wasn't for terrible decision making by Virginia's starting quarterback and a lucky bounce

4 290 REG69 Today 1:30 PM
by: trojanpete

Its Nice to see Ucla cleaned up all their penalties

2 150 SCweARE111 Today 12:55 PM
by: SCweARE111

The true victim in all this Shaw/Brown mess...

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 Fresno State on Saturday. Team just wants to put a beat down on someone right now. Sorry,

50 1379 moneygrip Today 12:34 PM
by: SCweARE111

Navy's New Uniforms are AWESOME

If you haven't seen them  yet-- check it out.

17 1621 BORNINTROY Today 12:15 PM
by: FightOn58

Question for P5 fans...

I'm wondering what you think of the coming changes to CFB. The rest of us are kind of

0 40 Yoda Today 12:09 PM
by: Yoda

UV beating them selves

ucla O  not doing anything. Their points all off turn overs.

3 116 tromo30 Today 12:06 PM
by: oldmanjay66
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