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Trojan Football

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Pinned***2014 TGWTG Boston Collapse Edition Results!***

(1 pointers) 1- Who wins the coin toss,  USC - BC?  2- 1st Half, first play

10 219 jefmc59 Today 7:54 PM
by: jefmc59

PinnedPat Haden's request to the Pac 12 to donate his fine

OK, gents...time to step up to the plate. Pat Haden made a request to the Pac-12 to donate

13 2873 tj3333 09/13/14 8:21 AM
by: tj3333

My take on Steve Sarkisian from an AZ fan

First of all I'm an AZ fan but have always had the upmost respect for USC. When Kiffin was

0 0 LuteOlsen4Prez Today 7:59 PM
by: LuteOlsen4Prez

Can't we just....

Enjoy 2-1?  When we start playing with house money....remember to stay off the bandwagon.

6 354 housemoney Today 7:55 PM
by: jefmc59

HotMora's F Bomb Tirade Toward Parent of USC Recruit.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I heard on the post game radio show this morning, where a caller accused Mora of going on an F

34 2350 REG69 Today 7:54 PM
by: USCDynasty

HotChris Petersen Is 3-0 Beat Illinois 44-19

Multiple Pages 1 2 

While Sark doesn't have his Team ready to play in Boston. Huskies are 3-0. USC is 2-1. Facts are

29 2224 TheKracken Today 7:51 PM
by: USCDynasty

Random Thoughts

Realistically, at best we are looking at a 7-5 season,  hopefully 8-5 with a mediocre Bowl win.

14 1343 jefmc59 Today 7:27 PM
by: cuedaddy

Is it just me or is this site riddled with Bruin Trolls

WOW amazing how they come out of their caves when we lose a game.  It seems that every thread is

10 261 Sammy87 Today 7:19 PM
by: ppaulie

Well that was a bummer....

This USC team is talented enough to beat a top 10 team at their home and young enough to get

5 231 GaryD Today 6:30 PM
by: USCDynasty

It's just that we're soft. Chris Carlisle and Pete Carroll made

us the hardest hitting team in college football. Before the '04 opener against Auburn the

0 53 mikeym820 Today 6:29 PM
by: mikeym820

The Coaches poll drops usc down 11 positions ...

Same old game playing...The "Solid South" was a name given to Southern Democrats in

5 144 GaryD Today 6:27 PM
by: CMIII1962

HotLooking forward, which games are realistically "wins?"

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Ryan put it well: "Every game in the future is losable."  Every one.  Harvey Hyde:

26 817 PaulDrakeLives Today 6:20 PM
by: oldmanjay66

Half of the ap top 10

That would be 5 teams are from the sec west!  Nuff said!

5 448 Mavreb1 Today 5:53 PM
by: chevyblu

All i can say is.....

I'm the new breed of poster on this board and I don't have a clue so I think I'll just

13 1011 ViejoCabron Today 5:48 PM
by: TrojanTW

Where Are The UDub Fans?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

I want to get their take on the totem pole escaping the mighty I-AA Eastern Washington.......

44 2543 nitch19 Today 5:44 PM
by: TrojanTW

HotCouple of things we've seen over and over again...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

First, terrible schedule.   Play Standard and then travel 3000 miles to play BC the very next

36 1712 troy75 Today 5:42 PM
by: CMIII1962

Any media sites have old USC games

I think used to have games anyone know of anything equivalent?

0 18 BruinIEEE Today 5:41 PM
by: BruinIEEE



2 68 eftzoons Today 5:38 PM
by: CMIII1962

Beaver game will be at 730 pm

The good news is that the game will not be on the Pac12 network.

8 345 USCFANINOREGON Today 5:30 PM
by: BruinIEEE

We were trying to run against 7-8 man fronts

We needed to throw on first down.

11 733 1BigTroyFan Today 5:24 PM
by: chevyblu

Somebody post the AP rankings...

So I can bitch about how far we dropped! 

15 1030 ViejoCabron Today 5:21 PM
by: GaryD

Occam's Razor

A  week after a grueling game with Stanford, our short-handed team traveled cross country and

0 69 BORNINTROY Today 5:01 PM

Okay, here's a serious question...

Who are the creative people in CFB?    Who is coming up with the next offense?   Who is coming

1 67 troy75 Today 4:41 PM
by: oldmanjay66

$16,375. Need $8,625 to finish this...

So I made a decision yesterday.  I'm as bitter about the loss as anyone else, but we started

8 308 tj3333 Today 4:20 PM
by: tj3333

HotSome of you are acting like NCAA sanctions never happened

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

That Sark would waltz in and we'd be back to 2002-2008 Pete glory years. Conveniently ignoring

44 1759 shyTrojanUK Today 3:29 PM
by: shryder

I would have sworn I clicked on the USC board, not BRO

Yes, Saturday was a hard loss to swallow.  Yes, it looked like the team was lost at times.  Yes,

13 564 uscf8fl Today 2:45 PM
by: GaryD

HotWell boys, Sark has some splainin' to do.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

This is a very poorly prepared and coached team tonight. The D looks clueless. Sark looks

40 4325 CMIII1962 Today 2:03 PM
by: CMIII1962

Defensive line is HUGE problem

Sadly, opposing offenses know double Williams, and you win… it's really that simple.  Why?

19 1063 piboy Today 10:03 AM
by: cuedaddy

usc should be 1-2

stanford could not get out of their own way. yesterday our luck ran out. sarkisian has never

4 659 abbyboyone Today 8:45 AM
by: RobertAbooey

How about some of the obvious stuff...

Yeah, bad scheduling, etc. But, you know Nelson is pretty inconsistent.   Not your go-to

0 152 troy75 Today 7:23 AM
by: troy75

Peristyle Podcast - Coach and Dan on BC loss

Here is our podcast for the week. Lots of questions about what went wrong against Boston

0 102 RyanAbraham Today 5:32 AM
by: RyanAbraham

HOW does Penn State get off the hook; while the Trojans stay on?

Seriously those sanctions are truly hurting the Trojans; and will even more so as time plus

11 565 THEOLDWEBFOOT Yesterday 11:39 PM
by: TroyJD

Get that Wyoming game film vs Oregon

So far Wyoming on both sides of line of scrimmage is giving Oregon much effort and execution .

6 448 1955fanUSC Yesterday 10:49 PM
by: BubbaDuck007

Can we get a new punt return man???

Id like to see Jackson return punts and kicks.

2 274 1BigTroyFan Yesterday 9:24 PM
by: ilvuscftball

Who Is Running the Trojan Offense? Sark or Helton.

That's the question that was asked on the post game radio show this morning. Who is calling the

12 868 REG69 Yesterday 9:18 PM
by: troypwr

Fight On Crowther Family!

Many have missed so many important facts about this game.   May I suggest the documetary on

2 198 OBXTrojan Yesterday 8:30 PM
by: shyTrojanUK

USC vs UCLA in the NFL - numbers dont lie

Multiple Pages 1 2 

UCLA PLAYER TEAM POSITION Akeem Ayers Tennessee Titans Linebacker Anthony

21 1376 mcfein2012 Yesterday 4:51 PM
by: SCweARE111

What awful record with our defense allow an offense set...

next year? It seems like every year, recently, we let a team abuse us on D. Wether its most

0 182 USCCJ Yesterday 4:37 PM

I am the reason USC lost....

I have been to 41 USC games in my 43 years of existence and yesterday something did not feel

4 658 ballsweat Yesterday 3:03 PM
by: troy75

Brace yourselves

The trolls are coming from all angles. F U fight on everyone else.

8 693 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 11:55 AM
by: TroyKidd
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