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Trojan Football

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Pinned***2014 TGWTG Week 3 Boston College Edition!***

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Welcome to Week 3 of TGWTG, Boston College Edition!      Ok, just as I said, if the

41 1112 jefmc59 Yesterday 12:42 PM
by: tsneddon

PinnedPat Haden's request to the Pac 12 to donate his fine

OK, gents...time to step up to the plate. Pat Haden made a request to the Pac-12 to donate

13 2685 tj3333 Yesterday 8:21 AM
by: tj3333

Who Is Running the Trojan Offense? Sark or Helton.

That's the question that was asked on the post game radio show this morning. Who is calling the

9 458 REG69 Today 7:14 PM
by: GTrojan

HotSome of you are acting like NCAA sanctions never happened

Multiple Pages 1 2 

That Sark would waltz in and we'd be back to 2002-2008 Pete glory years. Conveniently ignoring

30 1277 shyTrojanUK Today 7:11 PM
by: sec18usczaine

HotWell boys, Sark has some splainin' to do.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This is a very poorly prepared and coached team tonight. The D looks clueless. Sark looks

33 3564 CMIII1962 Today 7:09 PM
by: duckmark

Somebody post the AP rankings...

So I can bitch about how far we dropped! 

13 715 ViejoCabron Today 7:07 PM
by: sec18usczaine

Not Flaming! Ed O should have been given a chance.

Just my opinion. I thought he did a hell of a job last year under terrible conditions. I have a

4 356 BrianMcBruin03 Today 6:44 PM
by: hellojoe

Can we get a new punt return man???

Id like to see Jackson return punts and kicks.

1 75 1BigTroyFan Today 6:44 PM
by: chevyblu

Random Thoughts

Realistically, at best we are looking at a 7-5 season,  hopefully 8-5 with a mediocre Bowl win.

2 272 jefmc59 Today 6:34 PM
by: Gladstone Gander

usc should be 1-2

stanford could not get out of their own way. yesterday our luck ran out. sarkisian has never

2 376 abbyboyone Today 5:15 PM
by: coliseumishome

All i can say is.....

I'm the new breed of poster on this board and I don't have a clue so I think I'll just

12 799 ViejoCabron Today 5:05 PM
by: SCweARE111

USC vs UCLA in the NFL - numbers dont lie

Multiple Pages 1 2 

UCLA PLAYER TEAM POSITION Akeem Ayers Tennessee Titans Linebacker Anthony

21 1124 mcfein2012 Today 4:51 PM
by: SCweARE111

What awful record with our defense allow an offense set...

next year? It seems like every year, recently, we let a team abuse us on D. Wether its most

0 98 USCCJ Today 4:37 PM

HOW does Penn State get off the hook; while the Trojans stay on?

Seriously those sanctions are truly hurting the Trojans; and will even more so as time plus

8 358 THEOLDWEBFOOT Today 4:27 PM
by: CATrojan4HI

HotChris Petersen Is 3-0 Beat Illinois 44-19

Multiple Pages 1 2 

While Sark doesn't have his Team ready to play in Boston. Huskies are 3-0. USC is 2-1. Facts are

27 1965 TheKracken Today 4:11 PM
by: CATrojan4HI

Defensive line is HUGE problem

Sadly, opposing offenses know double Williams, and you win… it's really that simple.  Why?

8 471 piboy Today 3:55 PM
by: lonobird

I am the reason USC lost....

I have been to 41 USC games in my 43 years of existence and yesterday something did not feel

4 508 ballsweat Today 3:03 PM
by: troy75

Couple of things we've seen over and over again...

First, terrible schedule.   Play Standard and then travel 3000 miles to play BC the very next

9 882 troy75 Today 2:33 PM
by: troypwr

We were trying to run against 7-8 man fronts

We needed to throw on first down.

7 477 1BigTroyFan Today 12:37 PM
by: Fyton82

Half of the ap top 10

That would be 5 teams are from the sec west!  Nuff said!

0 198 Mavreb1 Today 12:21 PM
by: Mavreb1

Brace yourselves

The trolls are coming from all angles. F U fight on everyone else.

8 619 USCFANINOREGON Today 11:55 AM
by: TroyKidd

30 points, no turnovers = blame is entirely on the D

You can't blame the offense at all.  Not even a little bit.  You give up the most rushing yards

18 730 sportsczy Today 11:54 AM
by: 87trojan1

If this staff cant out coach 'THAT' BC staff, this....

will be a painful and short tenure no doubt. That was a joke. EVERYONE knows Murphy cannot

1 326 USCny Today 11:48 AM
by: PaulDrakeLives

A pathetic and embarrassing performance

* Sark coached like'd never know we had better talent.  Trickery, etc. instead of

0 160 PaulDrakeLives Today 11:37 AM
by: PaulDrakeLives

Mora's F Bomb Tirade Toward Parent of USC Recruit.

I heard on the post game radio show this morning, where a caller accused Mora of going on an F

16 1070 REG69 Today 11:34 AM
by: REG69


I have to admit I thought you vuys would struggle late in the season due to lack scholly

8 836 AtomicDuck Today 11:09 AM
by: SCweARE111

Fight On Crowther Family!

Many have missed so many important facts about this game.   May I suggest the documetary on

0 88 OBXTrojan Today 10:22 AM
by: OBXTrojan

What needs to happen to get this ship back on course,

1. Use Jalen Greene to provide a quality look to the first team defense.  Our team looked like

1 194 DatrojanUSC Today 10:11 AM
by: REG69

We don't need anymore WR recruits.

We need to use the rest of scholarships on defensive players.

2 314 1BigTroyFan Today 9:46 AM
by: Roven

Where Are The UDub Fans?

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I want to get their take on the totem pole escaping the mighty I-AA Eastern Washington.......

35 2066 nitch19 Today 9:45 AM
by: lonobird

El Predicto !!! SC 34 BC 14 *

Multiple Pages 1 2 


26 680 troy75 Today 9:38 AM
by: lonobird

Defensive Recruiting

I know we have Jacob Daniel and Noah Jefferson coming in but we need to recruit more defensive

6 416 TheReturnFromSanctions Today 9:24 AM
by: jefmc59

NO MORE OUR #'s are better than YOUR #'s

No more of that stupid slogan, no more stupid t-shirts. Plain and simple, our defense got worn

2 338 tsneddon Today 8:54 AM
by: trackdude

Vainuku Should Be Used More in the Running Game.

Vainuku is a 250 pound running back with good feet and speed for a player his size. You run that

9 266 REG69 Today 7:30 AM

fire DC

Multiple Pages 1 2 

After that poor performance against the run, Sark should fire Wilcox. Absolutely pathetic.

21 1980 dhgrossman Today 7:14 AM
by: 1BigTroyFan

We miss Devon Kennard defending the edge

When we lost Ruffin I was afraid this defense would sink.

0 70 1BigTroyFan Today 7:11 AM
by: 1BigTroyFan

Got To Give Boston College Credit.

They outplayed USC today and they deserved the win.

14 728 REG69 Today 6:53 AM
by: NebrVandal

Let's hope last night's game was analogous

to that awful Vegas Bowl showing against the Utes in Pete's second year where we got so horribly

2 154 eftzoons Today 5:47 AM
by: eftzoons

We need to slow the temo of game and run fewer plays on offense

We have to keep the defense off the field otherwise this is 6-6 team.

6 223 1BigTroyFan Today 5:41 AM
by: 4EverTroy

Curious how so many want to put a ton of this on Kessler...

Now this isn't all about stats, but the guy did throw 4 TD's this evening, and had 317 yards

4 313 87trojan1 Today 5:34 AM
by: SCF4L
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