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Trojan Football

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Pinned***2014 TGWTG Bye Week Edition*** Just for fun!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

There was a request for something for the off week, so in order to stay fresh make your picks!

22 372 jefmc59 Yesterday 1:33 PM
by: ViejoCabron

PinnedFINAL DAYS of 60-days FREE on

Click here for all the details

0 63 RyanAbraham 09/18/14 8:40 AM
by: RyanAbraham

PinnedPat Haden's request to the Pac 12 to donate his fine

OK, gents...time to step up to the plate. Pat Haden made a request to the Pac-12 to donate

15 3463 tj3333 09/19/14 9:20 AM
by: tj3333

5 of the top ten and 6 of the top 11

are SEC teams! Now THATS SECpower!

4 214 SECpower Today 12:57 AM
by: USCDynasty


Will LSU drop 10-11 spots like USC?

10 279 oldmanjay66 Today 12:51 AM
by: davaocitytrojan

Sad Day for the Trojan Family...we lost another good one

Ryan, sorry to post something from Garry's site over here, but I figured there were probably

4 637 tj3333 Yesterday 11:34 PM
by: Velosh

HOW does Penn State get off the hook; while the Trojans stay on?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Seriously those sanctions are truly hurting the Trojans; and will even more so as time plus

48 1224 THEOLDWEBFOOT Yesterday 11:26 PM
by: RBell42USC

Call me crazy, but MSU Spartans can beat Anyone.

I know Oregon already beat MSU Spartans from the BIG 10, but after watching Bama and now Oregon

0 60 Velosh Yesterday 11:13 PM
by: Velosh


21-21 at the half

6 220 oldmanjay66 Yesterday 10:47 PM
by: lonobird

West Coast NFL teams also challenged by traveling East

USC administration really needs to rethink the wisdome of traveling to the East coast to play

17 328 JHillUSC Yesterday 9:36 PM
by: KFess

Shaw its time to bring him back

Unless someone knows more about his situation missing Three games is enough for a lie. The

7 262 westuscguy Yesterday 9:32 PM
by: ewcoold

Shotgun with 6 inches to go. Are you kidding me.

Dabo Sweeney is the dumbest coach in football.  Get under center.  Clemson should have won that

4 159 Sammy87 Yesterday 9:31 PM
by: ewcoold

FSU gave Clemson every chance to win

but Clemson didn't want it. and the FSU QB was clearly rattled by pressure all night... 2 and 24

2 74 USCCJ Yesterday 9:03 PM

Clemson pulled the ALL TIME CHOKE JOB tonight

What a joke, culminated by Dabo Sweeny's ridiculous decision to shot gun the 4th down play. You

0 66 87trojan1 Yesterday 8:55 PM
by: 87trojan1


Got to give them props. They are looking good on the road.

7 261 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 8:37 PM
by: qwertsod

Gary Danielson just slobbering all over Lane Kiffin

Yeah, big plays can be visually impressive. However is it just possible that the UF Secondary is

11 378 87trojan1 Yesterday 7:48 PM
by: ppaulie

USC still has a good chance to make it to the playoffs but it

Multiple Pages 1 2 

looks very slim right now. If the team is focus and game plan against the opponents weakness,

31 869 going4ninestraight Yesterday 6:55 PM
by: 87trojan1

where will USC finish in the PAC-12...South Division

It's a good time to review the teams after their first 2-3 games, mostly OOC. Here's how they

13 572 GaryD Yesterday 6:49 PM
by: ViejoCabron

Finally WE WOKE UP that 2015 Schedule sets up perfect!

Where has this been?  Three straight home games out of the gate: Yes, bright move. You should

9 313 87trojan1 Yesterday 6:44 PM
by: 87trojan1

Stunner of the year isn't USC-BC it is right now MSU-LSU

Now maybe LSU comes back, but this is a Mississippi State team that gave up 34 points, and 548

0 84 87trojan1 Yesterday 6:38 PM
by: 87trojan1

I apologize for any Bruins who came here to flame this week

Tough loss against BC for you guys and hate to see fellow Bruins come here to rub salt in the

6 546 BruinNCs Yesterday 4:21 PM
by: bootyslapper

My take on Steve Sarkisian from an AZ fan

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

First of all I'm an AZ fan but have always had the upmost respect for USC. When Kiffin was

89 3471 LuteOlsen4Prez Yesterday 3:19 PM
by: ViejoCabron

***2014 TGWTG Boston Collapse Edition Results!***

Multiple Pages 1 2 

(1 pointers) 1- Who wins the coin toss,  USC - BC?  2- 1st Half, first play

37 709 jefmc59 Yesterday 1:03 PM
by: ViejoCabron

#1 Concern for team right now? To me it is Defense NOT offense

I think the defense is the FAR bigger issue at this juncture then the offense, and yes I am

0 89 87trojan1 Yesterday 12:45 PM
by: 87trojan1

Question from UGA fan

I saw an article recently that said UGA is lining up "games against iconic programs in an

10 399 NickBarnet2001 Yesterday 12:36 PM
by: shyTrojanUK

10 Best QBs in PAC 12/10 Since 1980 (Trojans are #1 and #3)

19 870 LambdaChiTrojan Yesterday 12:30 PM
by: lonobird

PHOTOS: Bye week practice

No game for USC today, but here are some bye week practice photos. BYE WEEK PHOTOS

0 44 RyanAbraham Yesterday 12:30 PM
by: RyanAbraham

Sorry for the Snickers moment the other day

I am not myself when I am hungry. Anyways I have some decisions to make. My boss/uncle He is a

18 445 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 10:40 AM
by: ViejoCabron

A double team might be in order.

6 352 ViejoCabron Yesterday 10:35 AM
by: ViejoCabron


I'm not sure what this means, but something is about to happen. Cause to be submitted.

3 565 Joesocal Yesterday 9:51 AM

Sam Darnold has huge game for San Clemente tonight

USC is getting a good QB in Darnold.  He had a near perfect night against Atascadero tonight.  I

2 313 DonRonaldo Yesterday 9:12 AM
by: poodlemothra

How they will finish in the PAC-12..North.

It's a good time to review the teams after their first 2-3 games, mostly OOC. Here's how they

7 418 GaryD Yesterday 5:15 AM
by: LVTrojan99

O Line Question

What is Audrey Walker's status....I know that he has under-performed compared to his

1 265 mcfein2012 09/19/14 8:04 PM
by: poodlemothra

Bruinieeee getting called out on his own site.....lolololol

This is just too good BruinIEEE Member 1452 posts this site

11 973 uscf8fl 09/19/14 5:51 PM
by: ViejoCabron

I predict that we crush Oregon State...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I just do.  F.O.................

28 1089 troy75 09/19/14 5:28 PM
by: ViejoCabron

Coliseum upgrades?

Is there a link someone could post for what you all propose to do to upgrade the Coliseum? FTR,

2 243 vnehring 09/19/14 5:26 PM
by: piboy

Big steps, small steps, and where the BC loss puts USC in 2014

USC fans and critics, even casual sports fans, love to talk about Trojan football. To many,

10 567 USCTrojanDave 09/19/14 4:46 PM
by: oldmanjay66

BC's game plan on running through, over, and around us

According to their coaches. Sark was thoroughly schooled....and that is why a lot of folks

9 829 PaulDrakeLives 09/19/14 3:22 PM
by: oldmanjay66

USC Highest TV Ratings

Multiple Pages 1 2 

On Saturday the USC-Stanford game had the biggest TV audience of any game at 4.6. Oregon-MSU in

27 1238 huskytrojan 09/19/14 1:24 PM
by: oldmanjay66

You guys continue to amaze me!

The donations for autism research in honor of AD Haden & his grandson continue to climb!

3 354 sportspundette 09/19/14 1:13 PM
by: tj3333
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