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Trojan Football

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Pinned***2014 TGWTG Bye Week Edition*** Just for fun!

There was a request for something for the off week, so in order to stay fresh make your picks!

17 289 jefmc59 Yesterday 10:12 PM
by: Joesocal

PinnedFINAL DAYS of 60-days FREE on

Click here for all the details

0 55 RyanAbraham 09/18/14 8:40 AM
by: RyanAbraham

PinnedPat Haden's request to the Pac 12 to donate his fine

OK, gents...time to step up to the plate. Pat Haden made a request to the Pac-12 to donate

15 3373 tj3333 Yesterday 9:20 AM
by: tj3333

Question from UGA fan

I saw an article recently that said UGA is lining up "games against iconic programs in an

5 148 NickBarnet2001 Today 12:20 AM
by: WillysWagon

Questionable recruiting strategy from Sark.

He decided to go to KLS's game instead of a lot of other high priority prospects. I don't

2 76 TravelerTids Today 12:18 AM
by: WillysWagon

where will USC finish in the PAC-12...South Division

It's a good time to review the teams after their first 2-3 games, mostly OOC. Here's how they

4 204 GaryD Yesterday 10:35 PM
by: oldmanjay66

My take on Steve Sarkisian from an AZ fan

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 5 

First of all I'm an AZ fan but have always had the upmost respect for USC. When Kiffin was

88 3225 LuteOlsen4Prez Yesterday 10:33 PM
by: oldmanjay66

***2014 TGWTG Boston Collapse Edition Results!***

Multiple Pages 1 2 

(1 pointers) 1- Who wins the coin toss,  USC - BC?  2- 1st Half, first play

35 671 jefmc59 Yesterday 10:29 PM
by: Joesocal

Sam Darnold has huge game for San Clemente tonight

USC is getting a good QB in Darnold.  He had a near perfect night against Atascadero tonight.  I

0 54 DonRonaldo Yesterday 10:10 PM
by: DonRonaldo

O Line Question

What is Audrey Walker's status....I know that he has under-performed compared to his

1 187 mcfein2012 Yesterday 8:04 PM
by: poodlemothra

How they will finish in the PAC-12..North.

It's a good time to review the teams after their first 2-3 games, mostly OOC. Here's how they

6 321 GaryD Yesterday 8:00 PM
by: poodlemothra

5 of the top ten and 6 of the top 11

are SEC teams! Now THATS SECpower!

2 131 SECpower Yesterday 7:31 PM
by: USCDynasty


I'm not sure what this means, but something is about to happen. Cause to be submitted.

1 275 Joesocal Yesterday 6:58 PM
by: troy75

Sorry for the Snickers moment the other day

I am not myself when I am hungry. Anyways I have some decisions to make. My boss/uncle He is a

13 333 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 6:37 PM
by: BubbaDuck007

Bruinieeee getting called out on his own site.....lolololol

This is just too good BruinIEEE Member 1452 posts this site

11 871 uscf8fl Yesterday 5:51 PM
by: ViejoCabron

I predict that we crush Oregon State...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I just do.  F.O.................

28 1037 troy75 Yesterday 5:28 PM
by: ViejoCabron

Coliseum upgrades?

Is there a link someone could post for what you all propose to do to upgrade the Coliseum? FTR,

2 197 vnehring Yesterday 5:26 PM
by: piboy

Big steps, small steps, and where the BC loss puts USC in 2014

USC fans and critics, even casual sports fans, love to talk about Trojan football. To many,

11 503 USCTrojanDave Yesterday 5:04 PM
by: shryder

10 Best QBs in PAC 12/10 Since 1980 (Trojans are #1 and #3)

14 700 LambdaChiTrojan Yesterday 4:47 PM
by: SCweARE111

BC's game plan on running through, over, and around us

According to their coaches. Sark was thoroughly schooled....and that is why a lot of folks

9 759 PaulDrakeLives Yesterday 3:22 PM
by: oldmanjay66

A double team might be in order.

4 236 ViejoCabron Yesterday 2:30 PM
by: troypwr

USC Highest TV Ratings

Multiple Pages 1 2 

On Saturday the USC-Stanford game had the biggest TV audience of any game at 4.6. Oregon-MSU in

27 1210 huskytrojan Yesterday 1:24 PM
by: oldmanjay66

You guys continue to amaze me!

The donations for autism research in honor of AD Haden & his grandson continue to climb!

3 330 sportspundette Yesterday 1:13 PM
by: tj3333

Just in case you wanted to see them... BC photos

We had Tim our photog there and he put these photos up on Facebook if you are interested.

0 66 RyanAbraham Yesterday 10:35 AM
by: RyanAbraham

Occam's Razor

Multiple Pages 1 2 

A  week after a grueling game with Stanford, our short-handed team traveled cross country and

24 1001 BORNINTROY Yesterday 9:35 AM
by: LuteOlsen4Prez

Hmmmmm. I don't know what to say

Never mind the original part of the post. It's the final comment about my sig pic that just

0 156 uscf8fl Yesterday 9:19 AM
by: uscf8fl

What ever happened to Versatile John, aka Akita?


1 94 Trojames Yesterday 9:14 AM
by: shyTrojanUK

I am the reason USC lost....

I have been to 41 USC games in my 43 years of existence and yesterday something did not feel

10 1046 ballsweat Yesterday 8:20 AM
by: Gilesmiles

USC still has a good chance to make it to the playoffs but it

Multiple Pages 1 2 

looks very slim right now. If the team is focus and game plan against the opponents weakness,

28 755 going4ninestraight Yesterday 8:04 AM
by: Gilesmiles

THE WAR ROOM - Recruiting, McNair, Shaw & more

Lots of different stuff in the War Room this week. THE WAR ROOM

0 158 RyanAbraham Yesterday 7:03 AM
by: RyanAbraham

Sark talks about the possible EE's

Notice I put possible, don't wan't any blowback.

8 821 Roven 09/18/14 9:58 PM
by: qwertsod

I apologize for any Bruins who came here to flame this week

Tough loss against BC for you guys and hate to see fellow Bruins come here to rub salt in the

5 454 BruinNCs 09/18/14 3:38 PM
by: Roven

Coach O

View photo . Coach O chose his family over lowly FCS school. Former USC interim head

4 628 oldmanjay66 09/18/14 3:18 PM
by: PaulDrakeLives

Chuma Edoga has already filled out

his financial aid paperwork.  Mike Farrell retweeted what he put out.  He was actually the main

14 892 Roven 09/18/14 11:51 AM
by: satxusc

Mel Kiper Top Draft Picks

3 from the pac12 1.  Marcus Mariota 2.  Leonard Williams 6.  Andrus Peat

2 302 TROJANZ 09/18/14 11:26 AM
by: tsneddon

HOW does Penn State get off the hook; while the Trojans stay on?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Seriously those sanctions are truly hurting the Trojans; and will even more so as time plus

43 1046 THEOLDWEBFOOT 09/18/14 11:16 AM
by: tsneddon

Since so many SEC posters had issue with my statements...

Let me back it up with facts on the BCs and the SEC... . History- the SEC was seen in

18 591 GaryD 09/18/14 10:04 AM
by: lowiq

USC Breaks Ground on $650 Million USC Village - BOOM!

Sorry if posted already, but worth the share. USC officially broke ground on the $650 mm USC

9 770 LambdaChiTrojan 09/18/14 10:01 AM
by: jamiedoodle0

Living Social deal - $30 USC vs. ASU or Colorado tix

USC Living Social Deal

0 124 RyanAbraham 09/18/14 9:13 AM
by: RyanAbraham

Ty Isaac denied appeal

Will have to redshirt this year and have three years to play 3.

11 641 qwertsod 09/18/14 6:58 AM
by: oldmanjay66
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