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Trojan Football

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Pinned***2014TGWTG Beaver Edition!***

Well we had a week or so to try and figure out what in the heck happened against the Eagles, and

6 108 jefmc59 Today 2:39 PM
by: uscf8fl

PinnedPat Haden's request to the Pac 12 to donate his fine

OK, gents...time to step up to the plate. Pat Haden made a request to the Pac-12 to donate

16 3667 tj3333 Yesterday 6:13 PM
by: tj3333

Remember Brian Baucham?

He's now suing USC and Lane Kiffin for being forced to play. SC and CLK just can't be left alone

8 571 Raygoza Today 3:49 PM
by: uscf8fl

Just a question: why is Sark recruiting so many WRs...

We need more DL and LB help.  We will be extremely thin in those areas going forward.

15 504 going4ninestraight Today 3:48 PM

PTI says "IS Lane Kiffin Saban's successor"?

Listening to PTI and Tony Kornheiser says that some in Alabama are saying that Lane Kiffin would

5 96 Sammy87 Today 3:41 PM
by: oldmanjay66

Dan Weber --- This One's for You...

In reading Dan Weber’s article regarding the McNair case I have to admit I’m not impressed

1 263 troy75 Today 3:12 PM
by: shipwreckedcrew

HotOre vs Wash St.

Multiple Pages 1 2 

WSU really got shafted by some of the refs calls. Ducks OL was doing a lot of holding, I

33 774 tromo30 Today 2:38 PM

Pat Haden Donation Match Update...$22,506!!!

We are now officially less than $2,500 away from completing the match - amazing!!!  Think we can

0 10 tj3333 Today 2:31 PM
by: tj3333

No Identity Out There in College FB

Sorry - every time i turn on the TV, i dont recognize the teams anymore....Did anyone see OK's

1 90 mcfein2012 Today 2:28 PM
by: oldmanjay66

So we don't play a game and we.....

LOSE GROUND in the polls. Man, we must really suck to lose ground when we don't even play. I

15 530 tsneddon Today 2:26 PM
by: TroyJD thinks USC will not be going to a bowl game this year

2 152 USCFANINOREGON Today 2:26 PM
by: oldmanjay66

Victor Blackwell gone?

Reports say Blackwell has left the team for lack of playing time. He should be part of a five

1 174 billsb Today 2:17 PM

USC Top 5 College w/ BILLIONAIRE Alumni via Money Mag

USC is #4 with 16 billionaire alums.  Complete list here via Money: 

6 312 LambdaChiTrojan Today 2:01 PM
by: oldmanjay66

INSTANT ANALYSIS w/ Keely Eure's debut plus Sark scrum

We had Keely handle Instant Analysis today for the first time. Nice job Keely! INSTANT

1 112 RyanAbraham Today 1:58 PM
by: WillysWagon

Well, knock me over with a feather... Imagine it, an espn writer making a case

5 328 trackdude Today 1:06 PM
by: Fyton82

10 greatest Rbs of all time? Who's

5 233 Jamie Newberg Today 12:44 PM
by: mcfein2012

Beavers big play receiver is out this Saturday

5 233 USCFANINOREGON Today 12:40 PM
by: oldmanjay66

USC still has a good chance to make it to the playoffs but it

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

looks very slim right now. If the team is focus and game plan against the opponents weakness,

40 1357 going4ninestraight Today 12:39 PM
by: oldmanjay66

How will the PAC-12 fare this week?

In  to conference play now and the real challenges begin. Here's how I see the games playing

2 149 GaryD Today 12:37 PM
by: tsneddon Scholarship Distribution Chart

OK, we brought this back today. Let me know if you see any problems. I tried to organize the

6 394 RyanAbraham Today 11:17 AM
by: mcfein2012

Dan the Bulldog at a again....Way to go, DW!!

Dan's great piece on the NCAA is not an objective what.  It is, however, part

4 319 PaulDrakeLives Today 10:40 AM
by: lonobird

O Line Question

What is Audrey Walker's status....I know that he has under-performed compared to his

17 776 mcfein2012 Today 10:14 AM
by: oldmanjay66

Finally WE WOKE UP that 2015 Schedule sets up perfect!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Where has this been?  Three straight home games out of the gate: Yes, bright move. You should

32 1127 87trojan1 Today 8:42 AM
by: TroyJD


Multiple Pages 1 2 

Will LSU drop 10-11 spots like USC?

30 1057 oldmanjay66 Today 8:01 AM
by: oldmanjay66

Tied 20-20 looking at OT, see how PC is pacing and intensely

engaged? Coaching, ordering, scheming. Dead set on winning. That's what we are missing now. LK

14 487 mikeym820 Today 12:15 AM
by: USCDynasty

Scott Ross

I just heard from a credible source that former USC LB Scott Ross has passed away. May he rest

10 679 Cooper32 Yesterday 11:01 PM
by: UCLA1992

Call me crazy, but MSU Spartans can beat Anyone.

I know Oregon already beat MSU Spartans from the BIG 10, but after watching Bama and now Oregon

1 235 Velosh Yesterday 8:59 PM
by: BubbaDuck007

***2014 TGWTG Bye Week Edition*** RESULTS!!!

Multiple Pages 1 2 

1 pointers: 1) Will BC rush for more than 452 yards vs Maine? No 413 2) Will BC have more

29 585 jefmc59 Yesterday 8:18 PM
by: tsneddon

USC 21 Sports '14/'15 Shot

Cool shot via USC Athletics of one athlete per sport.  Hayes represents USC football,

0 81 LambdaChiTrojan Yesterday 6:08 PM
by: LambdaChiTrojan

HOW does Penn State get off the hook; while the Trojans stay on?

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

Seriously those sanctions are truly hurting the Trojans; and will even more so as time plus

63 1374 THEOLDWEBFOOT Yesterday 4:07 PM
by: TroyJD

More poll madness...

every week the AP and USA (Coaches) Poll proves the variability of the human mind. Here's

10 595 GaryD Yesterday 3:12 PM
by: trojanpete

Before everyone goes overboard...

..on Utah (who I think will be better), Oregon State, UW , etc. here is Sagarin's numbers after

11 863 GaryD Yesterday 3:12 PM
by: TroyJD

Gary Danielson just slobbering all over Lane Kiffin

Yeah, big plays can be visually impressive. However is it just possible that the UF Secondary is

15 712 87trojan1 Yesterday 2:55 PM
by: poodlemothra

PERISTYLE PODCAST - Tons of BC/bye week questions


0 88 RyanAbraham Yesterday 10:34 AM
by: RyanAbraham

this team is young and no top nfl draft picks

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Dear Trojan faithful, I've been watching USC football since 1974.I have played enough fb and

23 1044 usctemecula99 Yesterday 10:06 AM
by: trojanpete

I have been forced to root for PAC 12 teams!

Due to the poll bias and the sec poll position swapping, sadly I have been forced by damn near

2 295 Usctrojan619 09/21/14 11:38 PM
by: Usctrojan619

OT: Remember that Seantrel kid??

He's starting RT for the Bills. Did he even play at Miami??

7 567 trackdude 09/21/14 11:16 PM
by: WebInt

OMG how Cal lost that football game last night….

Not that it ever bothers me those guys lose. Good heavens 36 points in the 4th, and a hail mary.

8 610 87trojan1 09/21/14 11:09 PM
by: IntellectualAssassin

You guys continue to amaze me!

The donations for autism research in honor of AD Haden & his grandson continue to climb!

4 474 sportspundette 09/21/14 9:32 PM
by: tj3333

8 SEC teams in top 25. SERIOUSLY??

Has everyone in this country drunk the SEC Koolaid? Obviously all the writers have.  Please wake

8 437 Sammy87 09/21/14 8:32 PM
by: CassandraVol
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