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Trojan Football

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PinnedNew Player, Prospects, Visits and Commits Pages Are Live

Sneak peek for our fellow Trojans: PROSPECTS COMMITS VISITS PLAYER PAGE   You

6 95 LambdaChiTrojan Yesterday 6:35 PM
by: GerardMartinez

Pinned***2014 Week 12 Stomp on a Leprechaun Edition!***

The final week of the season is upon us and the Trojans have one more game to add some more

6 129 jefmc59 Today 7:57 AM
by: priester

PinnedJoin the Peristyle Family

There's never been a better time to become a premium member. Right now you'll get 18 months

1 241 sportspundette 11/23/14 11:11 AM
by: stretchdogg

Pinned10% off All Tickets for All Scout Premium Members


1 1112 Scoutosphere 10/26/14 12:49 AM
by: Juice22

Recruiting Page

The new recruiting page is a joke.  Pain in the butt to use.   Put the old one back up!

0 10 tomchildress Today 8:55 AM
by: tomchildress

Happy Thanksgiving

To all that post here and all my Trojans, Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy all your family

9 204 oldmanjay66 Today 8:50 AM
by: TrojanTW

Nikias+Haden+Sark+Wilcox = USC's version of the Four Horsemen

Except unlike ND's Four Horsemen, USC's Four Horsemen are self-destructive instead of destroying

5 206 TrojanSkyCop97 Today 7:27 AM
by: trojanpete

Irish LB Toryan Smith joins Mitch & Emon as they talk UCLA

Trojan Fans, In this week's episode of the USC Huddle Report, it's all about rivalries where

1 178 uscqb1617 Today 7:11 AM
by: uscqb1617

ND / USC rivalry can celebrate one thing...

First off, I should preface that I've been coming to this forum for a long time...probably 2006

14 709 smelltheglove Today 6:48 AM
by: smelltheglove

Here's A Link To The "Unbroken" Official Trailer

Looks good.....

2 177 BigScud Today 6:26 AM
by: CMIII1962

With all due respect, Please Shut Up About Ed O

How many threads, posts and other are we going to have about bringing back Ed O.  This

18 1112 Grouler Today 12:58 AM
by: JuanPeligroso

ACC Vs Big 10

Ohio State DE Noah Spence declared permanently ineligible by Big 10 This guy failed a drug

1 131 oldmanjay66 Yesterday 9:41 PM
by: Mr21305

HotWant the truth- Time to get off Hadens back -can you read.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

Most people are not interested in the facts, they just want to tell get something off their

40 1184 westuscguy Yesterday 8:51 PM
by: TroyJD

Make no mistake: this is a TOTAL systems failure....

Multiple Pages 1 2 

I refrained from posting immediately after the debacle, mostly because I was so disgusted after

20 1724 PaulDrakeLives Yesterday 7:43 PM
by: jjwoo

HotEven the local sportswriters are seeing Sark for we he is.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

A mediocre coach who is in over his head.

70 1999 CMIII1962 Yesterday 7:27 PM
by: PikesPeakSC

Congrats to the bruins

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

They were the much better team

43 3377 trojanpete Yesterday 4:53 PM
by: ViejoCabron

Just to be clear, Trojansbobo = JackieChilds

Go figure.

0 100 lonobird Yesterday 4:38 PM
by: lonobird

When will USC announced the hire of Muschamp as D.C.!!!

There has to be a shake up this off season.

19 768 Quimoto Yesterday 4:11 PM

Why didn't Wilcox blitz more?

Ted Miller        @ TedMillerRK                      ·               Nov 23

18 857 trojanpete Yesterday 3:50 PM
by: TrojanSkyCop97

INSTANT ANALYSIS - Wed. practice and Sark scrum

Thanks to Keely for shooting Instant Analysis. INSTANT ANALYSIS

0 157 RyanAbraham Yesterday 3:02 PM
by: RyanAbraham

USC-UCLA-the Ugly, the Bad and the Good...

The Ugly : I  put  "Ugly" first to get done with it. I don't like losing to UCLA

5 1016 GaryD Yesterday 2:21 PM
by: GaryD

i felt the turn of the game was when Hendrick intercepted the

pass.  We had a drive going but we were stopped.  I still think he was out of bounds.  However,

6 529 PasadenaTrojan1 Yesterday 1:23 PM

The multiple effects of USC sanctions (long)

I believed that no matter what the NCAA threw at USC, it could survive. Remember the "our

7 479 GaryD Yesterday 12:05 PM
by: TroyJD

Sua Cravens

Hope they move Sua back to safety next season. We all saw how Badly our starting safeties

5 520 SCF4L Yesterday 10:09 AM
by: coliseumishome

48 players and Coordinators that blow

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 

So having only 48 to play kills depth, like I said as each half ends If Wilcox is good,

59 2898 tsneddon Yesterday 9:21 AM
by: TroyJD


Thanks to IrishEyes publisher Tim O'Malley for answering our questions about Notre Dame.

0 111 RyanAbraham Yesterday 9:08 AM
by: RyanAbraham

It is going to be a long off season this board is going to be

Like watching grass grow, paint dry, like watching baseball and sailing the seven seas. Maybe

5 384 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 8:12 AM
by: TulsaTrojan

Justin Wilcox

UW fan here. Sark brought Wilcox in to run the defense during Sark's last two seasons at UW. I

13 2393 genius007 11/25/14 9:32 PM
by: GGG19

the Carroll first season argument B.S.

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

You know using his first season as justification for this mess is stupid? Because he was

60 2114 Mr21305 11/25/14 7:31 PM
by: Juice22

Welcome to the 90's...all over again

Multiple Pages 1 2 

Can't beat our rivals, poor coaching, and utter frustration.

20 2359 tsneddon 11/25/14 4:15 PM
by: Grouler

Remember this when complaining about lack of scholarship players

You didn't even fill all of your available scholarships in the 2013 class!  You only had 12

10 853 tr4ucla 11/25/14 12:21 PM
by: CKrenzel

Pac12 says officials made mistakes in Cal/Stanford game

When has he done this for a USC game?

10 573 RyanAbraham 11/25/14 12:12 PM
by: TroyJD

USC ucla game, the turning point was the kickoff

after that one team came well prepared to play and adjust, the other, not so much.

0 222 Trojames 11/25/14 12:01 PM
by: Trojames

Inept Coaching Staff?

This writer seems to think so. What do you think? I'm inclined to agree.

0 340 at4usc 11/25/14 11:11 AM
by: at4usc


Last Tuesday regular season practice! INSTANT ANALYSIS

0 231 RyanAbraham 11/25/14 11:04 AM
by: RyanAbraham

Good luck against ND...

Hope you blow them out and get back into top 25.....

0 153 FVbruin 11/25/14 9:50 AM
by: FVbruin

Time for Haden to resign...

Multiple Pages 1 2 

All of our major sports have regressed since he took over for Mike Garrett. When he took over he

38 2046 SCF4L 11/25/14 9:16 AM
by: PaulDrakeLives

Sorry if already posted. USC/ND game time? Please

Fight On !!!!

2 129 tromo30 11/25/14 9:04 AM
by: PaulDrakeLives

***2014 TGWTG is it over yet Bruin Edition Results!***

And away we go!

7 423 jefmc59 11/25/14 8:10 AM
by: USC1980

Why the "We're down a bazillion Scholarships" argument

FAILS. Certainly having more players would be nice, but 30 additional players are not going to

8 1056 DatrojanUSC 11/25/14 6:59 AM
by: USCny
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