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Trojan Football

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Pinned***TGWTG 2014 Kickoff Edition!*** Get your picks in!!!!!!

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****2014 TGWTG Kickoff Edition!****      I can't believe how quickly the summer has gone

107 1139 jefmc59 Yesterday 9:29 PM
by: jefmc59 promo - 60 days FREE added to any subscription!

Limited time, if you sign up for any of our packages (monthly, 6 month or annual) Scout will

0 419 RyanAbraham 08/21/14 7:43 AM
by: RyanAbraham

If Hundely is in for the Heisman vote, where does that leave

Kessler?  Kessler had an outstanding game today.  He was  the master of the offense.  He knew

0 0 PasadenaTrojan1 Today 1:26 AM
by: PasadenaTrojan1

Ucla Says Today's game was a Trap game lol

tyus1995 Member 374 posts this site Ignore this Member Send Private Message

8 419 SCweARE111 Today 1:23 AM
by: PasadenaTrojan1

Fresno getting clown stomped!

Couldn't resist. :)

4 218 thornyrose Today 1:23 AM
by: WillysWagon

This thread is for all the new guys who

Multiple Pages 1 2 

were chomping at the bit to tell us all what a bad hire Sark was! Let the whining begin.

20 562 ViejoCabron Today 12:57 AM
by: LVTrojan99

Immediate post-game thoughts

Congrats to Coach Sark for winning his USC head coaching debut. Offense was, in a word,

5 636 TrojanSkyCop97 Today 12:42 AM
by: coliseumishome

UW, Sark

Yup, UW he sucks.

18 891 lonobird Today 12:36 AM
by: LVTrojan99

Real test is next week.

We have a lot of work to do.

2 368 USCFANINOREGON Today 12:31 AM
by: LVTrojan99

Hotfucla. UVA

Multiple Pages 1 2 3 4 

I know its just the first half of the first game but fuclas offensive line looks horrible. No

75 990 SCF4L Today 12:15 AM
by: CATrojan4HI

freshmen were studs tonight.

Future is bright.

8 679 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 11:56 PM
by: LVTrojan99

Nice to see the OTHER tream tired....and that's why

we had to get out of that dreadful, slow, and outdated offense THIS is modern football,

3 236 PaulDrakeLives Yesterday 11:35 PM
by: LVTrojan99

Justin Davis not impressive to say the least

not sure why Buck is out.  Davis just fumbles.....that loses P12 games

8 623 PaulDrakeLives Yesterday 11:12 PM
by: BrilliantComrade


Hoping defense can adjust and be ready for Bruins and Irish. This is embarrassing vs Fresno

2 296 nater10 Yesterday 11:10 PM
by: SCweARE111

Looking back,, I would have to say that two of my favorite

players ever were guys that were over shadowed by others, but were always there when we needed

14 584 WillysWagon Yesterday 11:10 PM
by: TrojanTW

We ran enough plays for 2 of 2013 games

very nice.  Cody looked pretty damn good

0 44 PaulDrakeLives Yesterday 11:03 PM
by: PaulDrakeLives

Week 1 analysis, The PAC 12 is the #1 conference!

I am not a conference cheerleader but Bama, LSU, South Carolina all were either beaten or damn

4 166 Usctrojan619 Yesterday 10:50 PM
by: USCDynasty

Kessler 1, Hundley 0

One more game like that and Hundley will not be mentioned again for Heisman.  The inverse is

2 129 Grouler Yesterday 10:46 PM
by: OutdoorTrojan1992

Anyone Notice How Much Hundley Got Hit Today?

I did.  Brett Hundley is going to wake up really sore tomorrow morning. There is no way he can

1 117 REG69 Yesterday 10:44 PM
by: WanderingTrojan

Its Nice to see Ucla cleaned up all their penalties

3 232 SCweARE111 Yesterday 10:17 PM
by: WanderingTrojan

PollWhat week will the wheels fall off the bRuins train?

9 436 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 10:10 PM
by: WanderingTrojan

why stay in the 3-4 on 4th and goal at the 1.

Horrific defense scheme.

5 281 Quimoto Yesterday 9:55 PM
by: WanderingTrojan

Bruceeeee ,I see us going deep in the playoffs

This needs it own thread BruinIEEE e Nominate  |  Report Posted:

3 151 SCweARE111 Yesterday 9:49 PM
by: SCweARE111


Ryan and Dan talk about the game. INSTANT ANALYSIS

0 144 RyanAbraham Yesterday 9:39 PM
by: RyanAbraham

USC defense

I had read somewhere, one of the sports websites, that USC may have the #1 defense in the

4 494 PitbullTodd Yesterday 9:34 PM
by: poodlemothra

Cal looks fantastic

Good to see them represent the PAC today and look a whole lot better than that dismal tem from

8 436 ballsweat Yesterday 8:17 PM
by: poodlemothra

USC matches UCLA with 21 point quarter

Of course USC did it with offense! Fight On!

3 165 uscf8fl Yesterday 7:30 PM
by: tj3333

Hot2nd half thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 

This is Trojan football. Let's see Max now.

37 494 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 7:30 PM
by: LVTrojan99

Hotofficial first half game thread

Multiple Pages 1 2 3...6 7 8 

Just spoke to rikc13 asked me to get this going that lucky dog is at the game. Who is there

150 720 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 6:51 PM

clown U

Bet espn will be drink usc water this week. Like a used hooker.

0 168 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 6:16 PM


Held on, beast

3 314 ballsweat Yesterday 6:07 PM
by: lonobird


USC Can't stop a running QB. This is good practice

1 114 nater10 Yesterday 5:59 PM
by: DTer84

Tackle please

Wrap and tackle

0 54 nater10 Yesterday 5:55 PM
by: nater10

Goodbye Kiffin, hello Sark :)

Playing fast and hard in all three phases. Other than a couple of dumb penalty's, this is a huge

0 164 shryder Yesterday 5:17 PM
by: shryder

Warning to all PAC-12 teams....

Change conference soon.

0 234 OutdoorTrojan1992 Yesterday 5:15 PM
by: OutdoorTrojan1992

not a bad 90 yard opening drive for Sark and our boys!!!

so many players had their number called and they all stepped up to the plate. this offense could

0 94 USCCJ Yesterday 4:47 PM


Hearing more about Lane then anyone else.

3 328 USCFANINOREGON Yesterday 4:45 PM
by: ballsweat

UCLA Escapes Against a 2 Win Team Last Year.

UCLA should thank their lucky stars they didn't have to face a more talented team today. The

1 215 REG69 Yesterday 4:06 PM
by: tsneddon

Where are the Trojans now who left USC from 2013 team...

As we approach the cut to 53 on Saturday here's a list of the 2013 USC players in their

7 716 GaryD Yesterday 4:02 PM
by: Zeile27



19 352 OutdoorTrojan1992 Yesterday 3:03 PM
by: nitch19
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