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Posted: Yesterday 9:49 AM

View from the Front - Saints Game 

Long story short, my wife surprised me with awesome seats for the game.  
Front Row, Section 133 - 47 yard line, right behind the Browns bench.

Never having seats this great, and probably never will again, we made it into the stadium by 11a.  We got to our seats and the front row was filled with people just hanging out trying to be as close to the action as possible.  

Things I saw that caught my interest-

Before the game-

 photo IMG_20140914_093514_788_zpsedbf474c.jpg
Muni Madness

 photo IMG_20140914_115949_558_zps78a75b89.jpg
JH3 was on the sideline the entire pregame... and so were a ton of other people.

  • I feel like there was more "event staff" this year than I have ever seen at the stadium before.  All were very polite and excessively offering if they could assist with anything and everything.
  • Pregame sound was noticeably loud and seemed much louder than any other season.
  • The scroreboards are awesome.  The first round of renovations were done very well.

 photo IMG_2327_zps7e71b3f4.jpg

  • The field looked artificial, it looked that good.
  • Many of the players made it to the pound and around the stadium before the game to give :hi5s and greet the fans.
 photo IMG_2342_zps1717ba50.jpg

  • From the very beginning it was extremely noticeable that Travis Benjamin was with Hoyer and Manziel when he wasn't doing something with the WRs or taking punts/kicks.
  • The Fox Robot is stoopid.  
  • The intro and Swagger were awesome.  I wasn't a big fan of the dog at first, but they've brought him on well.
  • Our WRs are really, really small. 

 photo IMG_2348_zpsb8c7fe3a.jpg

During the game-
  • Mingo was a huge cheerleader for the offense, for the defense, and for the fans.  He was acting like an orchestra's conductor out there and enjoying himself.  Martin was also very animated with the fans.

 photo IMG_2406_zps907c4c97.jpg

  • McQuistan and Painter were by themselves most of the game and usually way off to the side.
  • Hoyer took a moment during pregame, sat by himself for a couple minutes, and then jumped up and worked his way down the sideline talking to and pumping up each player he came across.  He was ready.
  • The stadium was ridiculously loud as others have noted.  Much moreso than years past.  
  • I got sunburnt at the game and when the wind died down it was pretty damn hot.
  • When the offense wasn't on the field Hoyer, Manziel & Shanahan all sat together.  Every chance they had, they sat together at the same place right in front of us.

 photo IMG_2377_zpsa6a4ca5f.jpg

  • When they weren't sitting there, the DBs were.  

 photo IMG_2374_zps3c385ae0.jpg

  • Manziel always appeared to be by Shanahan.  
  • When the QBs were throwing on the sideline, Travis Benjamin was always involved, typically catching the passes from Hoyer.  Benji was involved with the talks between Hoyer, Manziel, and Shanahan more than any other player... and it wasn't even close. 

 photo IMG_2351_zps9edcd7d4.jpg

  • Whitner is the leader of the DBs, but Joe Haden does the most talking.  Shocker.  Joe was very animated all game and continuously bouncing around on the sideline trying to relay some message to Gilbert & Skrine.  
  • There is an 8x8 "tent" that was right under us that is guarded very tightly.  They were printing off all the plays and had workers running like crazy back and forth with the print-offs of each series.  It was amazing to see how many people disappeared into that tent at a time due to how small it was.
  • With 9 minutes left in the 3rd quarter Jordan Poyer was running around like crazy, dancing almost.  Something was definitely up and my wife actually brought it to my attention at first - "what's 33 doing down there?".  It reminded us of our toddler doing a 'wait in line for the bathroom' dance.  Haden led the DBs in joking with Poyer.  This lasted for a little bit with Poyer frantically talking to numerous staffers on the sideline.  Finally Whitner got up, grabbed some staffer by the back of the shirt, the staffer disappeared and then someone came up and brought Poyer to the 8x8 tent.  Poyer came out doing his belt.  Everyone around us knew what had happened and had a good laugh about it.  Poyer gave a :thumbsup when he got back to the DBs.  
  • The D-line + Sheard looked extremely winded the entire second half. Kruger though looked and acted like he hadn't played.
  • Machine Gun Kelly did the halftime show on the opposite side of the pound.  MGK jumped around for the entire 15 minute set... unfortunately the acoustics were off and we could only understand Slim. It looked like a good show though.
  • The stadium crew did a great job with helping generate crowd noise at the appropriate time and their entertainment during breaks was very good.  They really did a great job.
  • Pin drop - you could hear it before the game winning field goal.

 photo IMG_2389_zps69cd7d39.jpg

  • Electricity - you could hear it from the field goal until 0:00.

After the game-
  • The team went nuts, the coaches went nuts, the fans went nuts.  Everyone went nuts.  Very loud, very awesome experience. 
  • Alex Mack and Karlos Dansby spent a lot of time with the fans after the game.  It was so awesome to watch Mack sprint the field to jump into the pound.  He then worked his way all the way around the stadium giving :hi5s to the fans.  Dansby also spent a bunch of time with the fans after the game.  It made it hard to leave.
  • Manziel came up and talked with the people we were sitting next to shortly after the game was over.  When I was talking with the group before the game, it was clear they had some connection to Manziel.  When I specifically asked they said, "We know him well."  I didn't press the issue.  They were a very nice group and were very supportive of the team, including Hoyer.   
  • We parked in the North Point Garage and had to drive by the south side of the Muni Lot after the game and it looked like a war zone.  Trash everywhere with probably only 25% of the cars/RVs left in the lot.
  • Traffic was actually very smooth getting out of downtown.  

All in all-
  • Best BROWNS game I've been to from game play to game day experience. 

Misses the band moderately less.

Last edited Yesterday 9:52 AM by Koesters

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Posted: Yesterday 9:08 AM

Re: Brian Hoyer Live on NFL total access 

marktroy wrote: I'll stop when TV cameras quit panning to the lil guy whenever Hoyer throws an incompletion. Or when his ------- stop.

Whichever comes first.
You're the only one talking about it.  You act like you're doing it to offset the undeserved attention he is getting, which was justified at first, but people are over it for right now.  Just let it go until we lose again and people actually start talking about him again.  Until then YOU are the one giving him attention.
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Posted: 9/16/2014 11:37 PM

Re: Power Rankings 

Thanks for taking the time to post and look up all that.

--- dirtydozen wrote:

NY Daily News  23  +2  Browns buying into Pettine's program

SB Nation  23 (+5)  Hoyer not elite but getting the job done; run game strong, averaging 150+ and 5.1/carry after 2

ESPN  23 (+6)  T. West had 90 yds from scrimmage, first rookie to get 90+ in the first two weeks since 2008 (Chris Johnson, Matt Forte)

CBS Sports 21 (+4) Impressive final drive...something to build on  22 (+7) Beautiful comeback for the Brownies; 30 carries from West and Crowell

Fox Sports 22 (+3) Hawkins hasn't dropped a pass yet

USA Today 23 (+7) Say what you will about Saints blown assignments, but Cleveland took full advantage

Yahoo Sports 25 (+4) Credit to Mike Pettine...first win

Bleacher Report 22 (?) Do not count out tougher than expected Browns

Newsday 26 (+4) Fans warming to Brian Hoyer

NY Post 14 (+9) B. Hoyer pushes Browns to nice win over Saints

Washington Post 19 (+9) Averaging 5.1 a carry and have the highest overall offensive rating by Pro Football Focus's game charters  21 (+6)  Mistake reason they can't beat Baltimore this week
Football Outsiders 17 (no change)  Did Johnny Manziel meaningfully impact this game? He played some snaps and threw an incomplete pass while scrambling. However, you can't deny that he played and they won. That's Quarterback Wins 101, folks. Unfortunately, he didn't play in the fourth quarter, so no Scott Kacsmar love yet.

OK, seriously, the Browns are doing something right, right?

Sure! The young secondary had some highlights while locking down players not named Jimmy Graham (who finished fifth among receivers in DYAR this week), but the more impressive unit right now may be the offensive line.  Anchoring with Joe Thomas -- one of the premier tackles in the NFL -- is always a good start. Alex Mack got a humongous offer sheet from Jacksonville in free agency that the Browns quickly matched. (After Sunday's game, the Jaguars probably wish they'd bid even higher.) He's worth every penny of that.

But the important thing is that the Browns have filled in the trouble spots on the line. Rookie guard Joel Bitonio has been an instant hit in the run game, though his pass protection has been iffy. More importantly, through two games, right tackle Mitchell Schwartz has improved from "cataclysmically bad" to "acceptable." Schwartz blew 41.5 blocks in 2013 per our charting project, more than anyone not named Lamar Holmes or Michael Oher. The new zone running game has made better use of the athleticism that got Schwartz drafted in the second round in 2012. (Schwartz ran a 4.8 40-yard dash at the Combine.)

This has meant that, despite already losing Ben Tate Holding His Leg rotf.gifto an injury, the Browns running game has barely skipped a beat with rookies Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell.  Cleveland's ability to stockpile high picks over the past few drafts has served them well even as the on-field product has struggled under poor quarterbacking and an inconsistent pass rush.


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