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Posts of the Day


Posted: Yesterday 3:02 PM

Re: Phil Simms says... (QB's and back foot throws) 

The back foot should be the absolute last option. A desperate throw-away to avoid the sack or perhaps if you need to feather one over someone's shoulder.

Otherwise, step in to the damn thing and take the hit.
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Posted: Yesterday 8:47 AM

Re: We have 7 wins. Be happy for a minute. 

TheAlphaDawg wrote: I'm happy about winning the Super bowl, winning seven games so far this season and being happy about it is a disgrace and the reason why this franchise has been where it's been since the return.
You are correct. The fans being conditioned like Pavlov's dog by year's of dysfunction and $hit football are to blame for why this franchise has sucked the hairy root since the return. 

Absentee ownership. The Merry-Go-Round of coaches and philosophies. Pathetic drafting. The lack of stability. A persona non grata approach to the most important position on the team. 

Those are just secondary reasons for the suckitude. 

But Capt. Cleveland in tights and the Bone Lady in a too-short-skirt dangerously close to showing snail parts showing up  every home game to support this team regardless of record -- these are the real culprits.
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