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Posted: Yesterday 6:11 PM

Re: Answer this... 

Save your breath, Hill.

You're trying to talk logic to a sect of illogical thinking fans. 

They believe Manziel clearly played better than Hoyer in the pre-season. 

They believe the head coach is only playing Hoyer because they are best friends. 

They believe Manziel can clearly do better based on... what he did in college.

They believe the Browns are winning in spite of Hoyer.

They believe the coaches are all idiots because they choosing Hoyer over Manziel. 

They believe that its not a matter of "if" but "when" Johnny will come in and lead them to a championship.

They believe Hoyer is 100% responsible for a lose, and 0% responsible for a win.

Not sure how it happened but a little QB from Texas has somehow jedi-mind-fcked a large section of posters into thinking he's some sort of QB messiah when In actuality... he'll be a longshot to become even a competent starter in the league.

There's no talking to these people.  

You'd have more success growing money on trees.

Did someone say money?  

Ahhhh yeeeeah!



 I could be suave... but how many crude guys do you know? 

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Posted: Yesterday 10:15 PM

Re: Odell Beckham Jr! 

This is simply amazing. God I love freaking football
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Posted: Yesterday 6:49 PM

Re: Browns Win Despite Themselves 

Tom Brady has a whole bunch of ugly wins and I don't believe he bitches about them. Can you people just be happy to win for once?
Ground and Pound. Go Browns
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Posted: Yesterday 6:35 PM

Re: They have a word for almost losing... 

I will say this, after the Firing of Chud the new coach hiring debacle, new staff, new schemes inexperienced HC I would have been very happy to win 7 or 8 games this year. ESPN had the team rated #32 in their pre-season power poll. 

Hoyer is what his record says it is to paraphrase Bill Parcells. He's not going to make anyone mistake him for and elite QB. But he is also not Weeden, Fry or any of the dozens of complete stiffs that have QB'd the team. 

Hoyer has 7 wins with 3 Pro Bowl offensive weapons out for most of the games this year. He has been working with a practice squad center for the last 7 games. Tell me one QB that has played for the Browns since the return you would rather have (maybe a healthy Tim Couch). Hoyer has limited physical tools but if you listen to the locker room interviews from the players, they didn't quit with 45 seconds left, they believed in Hoyer. Do you think they would have had the same feelings with "Flipper", Fry Quinn etc.? 

As a first year HC, I am beginning to believe that Mike Pettine and Farmer have made a real change in the losing culture here. This year the Browns had biggest road comeback in NFL history. Consider today's game, and the last play losses to Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Those games would have been blowouts against the Browns teams in the past 14 years.

Look at the NFL this year. Teams like Denver, Seattle, Pittsburgh (Twice), Cinci,  San Fran and even New England have left some steaming piles of poo on the field this year. Let it play out, and if Hoyer doesn't win  10 or 11 games, he won't get the Dalton Contract. But hopefully he signs a reasonable deal and stays here and fights for the starters job with Johnny Football next year. If Johnny has the goods, the Brown have a pretty good backup in Hoyer behind JFF.

Last edited Yesterday 10:38 PM by LesTaxus

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Posted: Yesterday 6:04 PM

Re: Answer this... 

80sBoy wrote:
dennn wrote: They won't pull the QB if he wins...  It doesn't matter how ugly the win is..  I want to see JFF this year..  But not while the team is winning....

I call this the Derek Anderson effect.

After the year DA took us to 10-6, I wanted to find a new QB.  But I completely understood why a team would stick with a QB that helped get them to 10-6 for the first time in a long time.

I like the hometown Hoyer story, and I like the guy as a person from what I have seen, but when it comes down to the W-L, I don't give a crap if we have some swan-riding cowboy behind center if the guy can lead us to the promised land better than the other guy.  I don't care if he downward dogged all of those yoga students in his Snickers commercial while doing lines of salty caramel off their backs.

So right now, I trust exactly what MHill has said - that they are all about the best player playing, and that is what is happening.
Anderson showed us flashes, very early on, that he wasn't a complete QB. He had no touch on the ball, and couldn't develop one all season. It was one of his biggest liabilities. And he arguably had much better offensive talent around him for the entire season than Hoyer has had. Hoyer had made some bone-headed throws, but he is not giving me the pangs I felt watching DA -- especially later in that season.

And I don't recall Anderson being a good comeback QB like Hoyer has displayed, either. But I'll be honest: I've tried to block out a lot of those years, even with all those wins that season. Probably because of all the disaster that followed until this year (so far).
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Posted: Yesterday 5:17 PM

Re: They have a word for almost losing... 

JackTBurton wrote:
Actually we did or deserved it.
Problem is this shouldn't have even been a ball game
Settled for threes
Picked off in the endzone

It should have been an ass kicking instead of a come from behind.

I am cool but sorry man, this kid is out of excuses and "buts...."

--- 80sBoy wrote:

We really had no business winning this game.

But we did.  That's what good teams do.

Some previous games, we've played better ball but found a way to lose.  I think pulling this one out will only strengthen this team and build upon the winning mindset.  My biggest question is how much of the disconnect between Hoyer and Gordon was due to route running and work between the two.  The only play I really questioned by Hoyer was the end zone jump ball on 1st down.  If that was supposed to be a throw away it should have been better.  Looking forward to what Lane finds out.


I meant we had no business winning this game based upon how we played today, not coming into the game.  And that we won in spite of ourselves.  Good teams find a way to win when they suck butt.

And I just read in another thread Pettine said Hoyer was trying to throw away that end zone ball.  I'm a little more concerned hearing that.  And I acknowledge that Hoyer has not looked very good in 3 of the last 5 games, but he also threw some balls today that moved the chains.

Where I am at right now:

I hang some of the blame for poor performance on the coaches today.  I can think of 4 questionable calls, at least.

I think there was some disconnect between Hoyer and Gordon.

I think Hoyer had an up and down game.  Again.  And it is frustrating to watch.

I personally have no idea what Manziel is currently capable of.

I am no Hoyer apologist - I am just trusting the team puts the best player out there at QB, because they seem to do that at every other position when possible.  But like I stated earlier this week - I was hoping for 7-9 or 8-8 as best-case scenario, and either way, this was going to be a fun, roller coaster season to watch.  Until today, I just forgot how my stomach feels on some of those roller coaster dips.
I'll go back and watch the game again this week when the Stoli wears off.

Go Browns!

Last edited Yesterday 5:20 PM by 80sBoy

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Posted: Yesterday 5:08 PM

Re: Where will the Bills game be played? 

screw them.  they're a bunch of pansies there.  i'm glad they were buried under snow this week.
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Posted: Yesterday 4:10 PM

Re: Cleveland Browns vs Atlanta Falcons Game Thread 

Superbowl post-game show:
Sideline reporter: "Coach Pettine - when did you know that you were going to the Superbowl?"
Pettine: "When Hoyer played like **** and we still won!"
Sideline reporter: "Coach, I meant one game in particular."

I love Hoyer but man . . . that was rough, today. 1-0 with Gordon.
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Posted: Yesterday 4:09 PM

Re: Cleveland Browns vs Atlanta Falcons Game Thread 

Sooo...  Happy now?
drbrownsfan wrote: HAHhahahahahhaha. I called it. F u. Dumb a s s s. Screw u.
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Posted: Yesterday 3:56 PM

Re: Cleveland Browns vs Atlanta Falcons Game Thread 

Anybody that stills thinks that Brian Hoyer is the Browns quarterback of the future, just punch yourself in the face repeatedly for being a moron.
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