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Re: for the love of Mikey


Posted: 7/19/2010 1:30 PM

Re: for the love of Mikey 

SamAtlanta wrote:
DawgEDue wrote:
suzi_q wrote: I'm a girl (or so the DNA says) and even I know it's a motor.

Most likely it was the power window.
a flat one at that. Thus the name...

but what car has BOTH front power window motors go bad at the same time? Unless it was under recall, where the cost should have been $0, I can't see a situation where this would happen. Well, if she drove into a creek and shorted them both out, maybe, but I think that much water damage would be noticeable elsewhere.

My theory is that the bill SHOULD have read "REPLACED FUSE - $1.00" to coincide with the actual work done.
Very plausible.  I'll have to check this out and report back.
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