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Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves


Posted: 3/23/2012 3:55 PM

Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

Edit: I had forgotten BUF signed Mark Anderson DE in FA, so I edited this to deal with KC instead.

Love it Jbass and I've been thinking along similar lines, but I think there is no chance we deal with the Rams and even if we did there's no chance of getting 33 and 39 from them. I'll do two trade downs, one with JAX to 7 and another with KC to 11. JAX is desperate for a WR and would love Blackmon. KC needs a DT.

I see the picks going like this:
3. Kalil (MIN or a trade partner)
4. Blackmon (JAX via trade for 7 and 38)
5. Richardson (TAM)
6. Claiborne (STL)
7. Poe (KC via trade for 11 and 44)
8. Tannehill (MIA)
9. Cox (CAR)
10. Michael Floyd WR (CLE)
19. Kendall Wright WR (from CHI for 22 and 102; could opt for Janoris Jenkins CB here)
20. Cordy Glenn OT (from TEN for 37 and 67) 
38. Zach Brown OLB (from Jax)
44. Doug Martin RB (from KC)
67. (to TEN)
102. (to CHI)
122. Chris Rainey WR/RB
136. Jake Bequette DE

173. Terrance Ganaway RB

I could trade the rest for 2013 picks after that. They'll pick up a depth corner late in FA and ride the current group for now.

JBass39 wrote:

Trade 4>6+33+39
6. Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame
22. Jonathan Martin RT Stanford
33. Coby Fleener
37. Doug Martin RB Boise State or David Wilson RB Virginia Tech
39. Lavonte David WLB Nebraska
67. Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers
102. Jake Bequette DE Arkansas
122. Josh Norman CB Coastal Carolina
136. LB (Acho, Manning, Cole, Lewis)
173. Joe Adams WR Arkansas
193. Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma
203. Levy Adcock OT/G Oklahoma State
205. Jaye Howard DT Florida
250. Cliff Harris CB/KR Oregon
255. Nicolas Jean-Baptiste

Last edited 3/23/2012 4:26 PM by Air Al

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Posted: 3/23/2012 5:20 PM

Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

eliminator1978 wrote: You win. That is by far my favorite mock but I just don't know if we could pull it off. I still think Sanu goes higher but would love to get him were you have him. The only question I have is Joe Adams at 173. I think 4 wr plus Fleener is a bit much.
I don't. I hate our current WRs, other than Little and Norwood at times. I want to re-tool it.

Love it as well JBass, my only critique would be the trade with STL. I don't see it happening, but you never know.

"We're all in this together. Week after week, year after year, no matter how much losing, we're still just as passionate. Why? Because we're the best fans in the NFL."-JBass39!/TylerMiller23
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  • jayrun1
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Posted: 3/23/2012 11:07 PM

Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

Using GBN Big Board

Trent Richardson RB Alabama
22. Kendall Wright WR Baylor
37. Zach Brown LB UNC
68. Markelle Martin FS Ok State
100. Trumaine Johnson CB Montana
118. Nate Potter OT Boise State
132. Jake Bequette DE Arkansas
164. Marvin McNutt WR Iowa
185. Russell Wilson QB WIsconsin
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Posted: 3/25/2012 12:14 AM

Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

Been thinking about this a lot lately and have decided to go a different route.

4. Trent Richardson - He is a better prospect than AP. He comes in and gives our offense an identity, a playmaker. and a much needed running game.

22. Coby Fleener - Great all around TE and another playmaker to add to the offense. He can run, block, and catch. He is the real deal.

37. Stephen Hill - Kendall Wright and Randle both ran well at their pro allowing Hill to fall to the 2nd round. Browns add another playmaker to the offense.

68. Lavonte David OLB - Undersized, but adds speed and playmaking ability to the defense.

100. Ty Hilton - Perfect slot guy and another playmaker for Colt.

118. Nate Potter - Solid OLine Depth in the later rounds

132. Jake Bequette DE - Browns add a pass rusher with the late pick

164. Emmanuel Acho - Linebacker depth that is desperately needed.

185. Jeff Demps RB/WR/KR - Those dump off passes by Colt will be a little more exciting with this guy on the roster.
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Posted: 3/25/2012 2:48 PM

RE: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

I like it WannaB, do you think Lavonte David could possibly fall that far? I'd also prefer Broyles or Joe Adams in the slot, but TY Hilton is definitely another good option. I also don't know much about Nate Potter, does he have the potential to start? What is holding him back from being an earlier pick?

Overall, love the first three picks -- but who is going to start at RT?
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Posted: 3/25/2012 5:51 PM

RE: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

David very well could fall that far due to his lack of size. If he is not available I also like Sean Spence from Miami U at 68.

Potter is a mid round guy with potential to play either Guard or Tackle.

I am really warming to the idea of Richardson and Fleener in the 1st.
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Posted: 3/26/2012 8:29 AM

RE: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

No way does David fall that far and no way does Fleener go that high.
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  • Stiffler
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Posted: 3/26/2012 4:34 PM

Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

I agree David won't fall that far, but Fleener could ABSOLUTELY go that high. Did you see the numbers he put up at his pro day? He's almost as big as Gronkowski and he's even faster! The tight end position is blowing up in the NFL and he is clearly the best of the bunch in this draft. I wouldn't be surprised if he went top 20.
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Posted: 3/26/2012 7:56 PM

Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

Full Seven Rounds...  Bazinga...  (For full scouting reports, click on their names...)

Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma St.
Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford
Andre Branch, DE, Clemson
Isaiah Pead, RB, Cincinnati
T.Y. Hilton, WR, Florida International
Brandon Brooks, OG, Miami (OH)
Matt Reynolds, OT, BYU
B.J. Coleman, QB, Chattanooga
Bobby Rainey, RB, Western Kentucky
Levy Adcock, OT, Oklahoma St.
Danny Trevathan, OLB, Kentucky
Marquis Maze, WR, Alabama
Derek Dennis, OG, Temple

Last edited 3/26/2012 7:58 PM by MeatAndPotatoes

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Posted: 3/26/2012 11:22 PM

Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

Below are all the up to date picks and including how the extra picks were obtained.

Browns Picks in 2012 NFL Draft

First Round

No. 4 overall

No. 22 overall (from Atlanta as part of 2011 Draft day trade)

Second Round

No. 5 (37 overall)

Third Round

No. 4 (67 overall)

Fourth Round

No. 5 (100 overall)

No. 23 (118 overall) (from Atlanta as part of 2011 Draft day trade)

Fifth Round

No. 4 (139 overall)

No. 25 (160 overall) (from Denver as part of Brady Quinn trade)

Sixth Round

No. 35 (204 overall) (compensatory selection)

No. 36 (205 overall) (compensatory selection)

Seventh Round

No. 4 (211 overall)

No. 38 (245 overall) (compensatory selection)

No. 40 (247 overall) (compensatory selection)

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  • jayrun1
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Posted: 3/26/2012 11:25 PM

Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

#4) trade #4 to Dallas for #14, #45 and #83 (Dallas takes Mo Claiborne)
#14) Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame
#22) Cordy Glenn OG/OT Georgia

#37) Lavonte David LB Nebraska
#45) Jayron Hosley CB Va Tech

#67) Bobby Massie OT Ole Miss
#83) Bernard Pierce RB Temple
#100) Trenton Robinson FS Mich. State

#118) Marcus Forston DT Miami

#139) Devon Wylie WR Fresno State

#160) Jake Bequtte DE Arkansas

#204) Donte Paige-Moss DE UNC

#205) Tank Carder LB TCU

#211) Levy Adcock OT Oklahoma State

#245) Adonis Thomas RB Toledo

#247) Case Keenum QB Houston

2012 Lineup

QB - McCoy, Wallace, Keenum
RB - Hardesty/Pierce, Ogbonnaya, Jackson, Thomas
FB - Marecic
WR - Floyd, Little, Cribbs, Wylie, MoMass
TE - Watson, Moore, Cameron, Smith
LT - Thomas, Adcock
LG - Glenn, Lauvao
C -  Mack
RG - Pinkston, Greco
RT - Massie, Hicks

DE - Rucker, Fuqua
DT -  Taylor, Forston
DT - Rubin, Schaffering
DE - Sheard, Bequette, Paige-Moss
WLB - David, Maiava, Carder
MLB - DQ52
SLB - Gocong, Fujita 
CB - Haden, S. Brown
CB - Hosley/Patterson, Srine
SS - Ward , Hagg
FS - T. Robinson , U. Young
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Posted: 3/27/2012 1:56 PM

Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

Two trades:

1. After Miami trades up to #3 for Tannehill, the Browns trade down from #4 to #6 and pick up St. Louis's #33 and #39. St. Louis takes Kalil

2. Browns trade #100, #118, #139, and a 3rd rounder next year to move up to Atlanta's 2nd #55 (We need to clear out picks and Atlanta needs to add more after our trade last year)


1. Indy: Andrew Luck QB Stanford
2. Wash: Robert Griffin III QB Baylor
3. Miami: Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M after trading up.
4. St. Louis: Matt Kalil OT USC (Browns get #6,  #33, and #39)
5. Tampa: Morris Claiborne CB LSU


6. Trent Richardson RB Alabama
22. Nick Perry DE USC
33. Stephen Hill WR Georgia Tech
37. Mike Adams OT Ohio State
39. Lavonte David LB Nebraska
55. Dwayne Allen TE Clemson
67. Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma
160. Ryan Lindey QB San Diego State
204. Nicolas Jean-Baptiste DT Baylor
205. Desmond Wynn OG Rutgers
211. Cliff Harris CB Oregon
245. Blake Gideon FS Texas
247. Joe Long OT Wayne St (Jake's brother, at 247 why not?)

Last edited 3/27/2012 2:00 PM by elchuppicabra

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Posted: 3/27/2012 2:35 PM

Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

#1) Luck
#2) Griffin
#3) Kalil
#4) trade #4 to St. Louis for #6 #39 and #66 (St. Louis takes Blackmon)
#5) Richardson
#6) trade #6 to Miami for #8 and next years #1 (Miami takes Tannehill)
#7) Floyd
#8) trade #8 to Dallas for #14, #83, and next years #1 (Dallas takes Claiborne)
#14) Kendall Wright WR Baylor
#22) Coby Fleener TE Stanford
#37) Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers
#39) Doug Martin RB Boise State
#66) Lavonte Davis LB Nebraska
#67) Bobby Massie OT Ole Miss
#78) Cam Johnson DE Virginia (trade up from #83 with pick #160 and #211)
#100) Jared Crick DT Nebraska
#118) Russell Wilson QB Wisconsin
#139) Michael Brewster C Ohio State
#204) Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma
#205) Donta Page-Moss DE North Carolina
#245) Blair Walsh K Georgia
#247) Nicholas Jean-Baptiste DT Baylor

So at the end:
QB - McCoy, Wallace, Wilson
RB - Martin, Hardesty, Ogbannaya, Jackson
FB - Marecic
WR - Little, Wright, Sanu, Massaquoi, Norwood, Cribbs
TE - Fleener, Watson, Moore, Cameron, Smith (two get cut probably Watson and Smith)
OL - Thomas, Pinkston, Mack, Lauvao, Massie, Greco, Cousins, Brewster
DL - Rucker, Taylor, Rubin, Sheard, Johnson, Parker, Crick, Moss or Baptiste
LB - Gocong, Jackson, David, Maiava, Smith, Fujita 
CB - Haden, Brown, Patterson, Skrine
S - Ward, Young, Hagg, Ventrone

I wish I would have done a bit more with the secondary as I have gone through this, but I fell the rest of the team is now stacked with potenential.  Fix the weapons situation with 2 solid receiver prospects and the top TE plus a RB.  Fix RT, solidify the DL rotation, and add speed at LB.

I would be happy with that, plus you might find some other secondary help in the later cuts or cheaper FA's.

Oh, and I have 3 #1 picks next year.

Yes, yes I  remember...I had lasagna.

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  • jayrun1
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Posted: 3/27/2012 10:41 PM

Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

4) Morris Claiborne CB LSU
22) Stephen Hill WR Ga. Tech
37) Lamar Miller RB Miami FL
67) Bobby Massie OT Ole Miss
100) Trenton Robinson FS Mich. State
118) Marcus Forston DT Miami FL
139) Devin Wylie WR Fresno State
160) Jake Bequette DE Arkansas
204) Mike Harris CB Florida State
205) Donte Paige-Moss DE UNC
211) Ron Brooks CB LSU
245) BJ Cunningham WR Mich. State
247) Case Keenum QB Houston

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Posted: 3/29/2012 12:14 PM

My Mock with trades 

6. Trade down with St Louis and get a 3rd rd pick plus WR Amendola
Draft Tannehill  QB
22 Kendal Wright  WR
37 Cordy Glenn OT
65 from St Louis  Isiah Pead RB 
67 Z Brown ILB
100 Casey Heywood CB
118  George Iloka  S
139  Tommy Streeter WR
160   Akiem Hicks  DT 
204   Brian Quick   WR/R 
205   Aaron Taliaferro ILB
245   Russell Wilson QB 
247  Drew Butler Punter

It was hard after I got to 100 I went with the rankings I found on ESPN. They Had Tannehill ranked 13 so I felt it was not to much of a reach for a Franchise QB

 GO BROWNS!!!! Lets get it done!

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Posted: 3/29/2012 12:52 PM

Re: My Mock with trades 

POSTED THIS IN THE OBR FOOTBALL FORUM...Seems more appropriate here.

I doubt that the Browns actually draft this many players, but lets pretend that they do.  Here's my mock, with one trade.

Pick #Player
#8BitmapTrent Richardson
Note: Trade down with Miami, receiving their 1st and second round picks.
#22BitmapStephen Hill
Georgia Tech
I see their being a slight chance that Hill would be available when the Browns draft in the 2nd, but I don’t believe that they would risk losing the most explosive WR in the draft.
#37BitmapNick Perry                                   USC                                              DE43
First round talent at DE cannot be passed up at this point.  This allows Parker and Rucker to be pure rotational/situational players at DE for the Browns.
#42BitmapBobby Massie
Pick acquired from Miami.
#67BitmapCoryell Judie
Texas A&M
#100BitmapRonnell Lewis
#118BitmapBrandon Taylor
#139BitmapBrock Osweiler
Arizona State
#160BitmapJames-Michael Johnson
#204BitmapBrian Quick
Appalachian State
#205BitmapJames Hanna
#211BitmapChigbo Anunoby
Morehouse College
#245BitmapJaymes Brooks
Virginia Tech
#247BitmapChristian Thompson
South Carolina State

    CashFingerSmallAvitar.jpg picture by shadzimm Fa-Shoo Mein

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    Posted: 3/29/2012 5:52 PM

    Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

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    Posted: 3/30/2012 1:14 PM

    Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

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    Posted: 3/30/2012 4:15 PM

    Re: Uncanny Mocks and More Amazing Offseason Moves 

    4. Richardson  RB Alabama
    22.   Hill WR GA Tech
    37. David OLB Nebraska
    68.  Cousins QB Mich St
    100. Brown OT Troy
    118. Thomas S Syracuse
    139. Quick WR App. St

    "Always do whatever's next."

    George Carlin

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    Posted: 4/2/2012 2:33 PM

    One fan's view 

    Now that the free agency frenzy has subsided, the combine has passed and draft boards have been largely constructed my first week of April draft views have crystallized.  At 4 I expect the Browns to select Trent Richardson.  He helps the passing game by forcing defenses to game plan him as a runner and receiver and he can block.  He is a three down back although need not be used that way all the time.  He has the RB skills of a player with NFL experience.  The RB touches the ball more than a #1 WR.  Blackmon is a more exciting prospect for me as he helps McCoy, Little and Massaqoui and indirectly helps the running game.  I understand Richardson will have a greater impact on the offense even though so many say the position is devalued.  I agree the difference between Richardson and the next RB is greater than the difference between Blackmon and the set of WRs after Michael Floyd.  The Browns need a selection with minimized risk, this I feel is Richardson.  Morris Claiborne would be a great selection except we have a #1 CB.  Selecting Claiborne would tie up cap space in a position unnecessarily.  Having such a good #2 CB (whether it is Haden or Claiborne) devalues the position as he will get little action and hence have minimal impact.  At 4 we need a starter with impact and this board believes it must be offense. 

    At 22 I expected a RDE until the Browns signed Frostee Rucker.  I had hoped for Nick Perry or Whitney Mercilus or Vinny Curry or Andre Branch and the impact a second quality DE would have on the defensive line.  Although the position could still be addressed at 22 I expect the Browns hope that Jonathna Martin, ROT, falls enough for a trade up.  Since Martin is a quality prospect at LOT I do not expect that to happen.  Is Cordy Glenn a ROT or would he be a better guard?  Since the RB position was addressed at 4, WR needs to be the selection at 22.  Either Stephen Hill or Kendall Wright would improve the talent at the position.  If Stephon Gilmore were to fall he would be a candidate on defense but the argument againt Claiborne at 4 applies here as well.

    At 37 I expect the Browns to reach and select Bobby Massie, ROT.  He can back up Oniel Cousins until he is up to NFL speed and then LOT, C and ROT are set.  How much will Pinkston improve with a season in the weight room and a year on the learning curve?  Will Lauvao settle in at RG?  Holmgren, Heckert and Company have said the ROT will need to be addressed in the draft and hoping Massie falls or that Brandon Mosley or Levy Adcock or Andrew Datko can step in and play is too risky.  I had felt 37 was the position for RB but the need for a ROT helps convince me that Richardson at 4, a WR at 22 frees up 37 for the starting ROT.

    At 67 I expect the CB position to be addressed.  Trumaine Johnson or Dwight Bentley may be a little bit of a reach as both would face a steep increase in level of competition.  Can Sheldon Brown make the move to FS?  What roles will Patterson and Skrine have?  In this pass happy, rule friendly league a defense needs a quality secondary. 

    At 100, 118 and 139 I expect LB, a 2nd WR and then DT depth or a 2nd LB or an unexpected dropping talent to be selected.  At LB it could be Keenan Robinson or Josh Kuddu or Nigel Bradham or Travis Lewis or Emmanuel Acho.  At WR it could be Devier Posey or Ryan Broyles or Joe Adams or Jarius Wright or Joe Adams.  At DT it could be Marcus Forston or Jaye Howard.  For the sake of this post I will select Ryan Broyles (IR if necessary), Travis Lewis and Jaye Howard

    The players I missed out on include Lavonte David, OLB, Mohammed Sanu, WR, and Bobby Wagner, LB.  My perspective is obviously clouded by the need to find starters at RB, WR, ROT and WLB.  Last year CLE traded down to gain extra picks with Phil Taylor and Jabaal Sheard needed for the new 4-3 defense.  Needs and likely draft positions coupled.  Little fit a need.  Cameron had potential to be an athletic TE in the basketball mold.  Marecic was a need.  Skrine had the potential to match up with speed WRs.  Pinkston was a falling talent and the heir apparent at LG.  A significant need component could be found in these selections.
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