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RE: Redskins reportedly trade with Rams


Posted: 3/10/2012 10:06 AM

RE: Redskins reportedly trade with Rams 

0tter wrote:

--- yogi8 wrote:

I just saw a report on ESPN from Schefter that the Browns and Skins were doing the dance for the #2 pick. Washington then must have offered what appeared to be a take it now or leave it offer. The Rams accepted and the Browns were left out the door, never getting that chance to match the offer.

If this is true, Heckert got out manuvered and makes this hard to take, cause if Heckert went to the Rams with 4 & 22 plus some lesser picks in a similar take it or leave it approach, we might well have ended up with RG3.



He was outbid. But that is not the same. It sounds like the browns were willing to go as high as 2 first rounders plus but not 3 first. That means they were serious but not insane.

How many superbowls has st Louis won with the #1 overall qb in 2010? How many superbowls did atlanta win with the top overall pick in 2000? Yes its important to get a good qb but it isnt the only position that the browns need to fill to become a contender.

Get flynn, draft the top wr/db/rb in the draft, a rt or de later in the first, and suddenly you have the talent to compete in the afc north.

There will be more rg3s in the drafts. Maybe he is a better version of Michael Vick or maybe he's someone who can't figure out nfl defenses and busts. I think he's more likely to succeed but it wont matter if Washington can't stop their opponents and without any major talent until 2015 from the draft they aren't going to be able to meet the needs of he nfl.

Whaaa , the NFL canceled Free agency
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