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Re: Peter King on Peyton

Posted: 2/9/2012 10:13 PM

Re: Peter King on Peyton 

RR - On radio King sees Peytonmoving on.  colts likely to part ways and take Luck.  Peyton will be in the marketplace and the two teams most interested would be the Jets and the Redskins.  The Jets?  I don't know about that. The that is a fit.

- Huh, not so much. If PM plays it won't be with the skins. He's not going to come back to play with a team not ready to contend. The Skins won 1 more game than the Browns last year. He's not coming to Cleveland either.
Besides, he's not interested in facing Eli twice a year. The league and fans might like it, but the Manning family

Same goes for playing with the Jets. He's not going to step on Eli's toes by playing in New York. That's Eli's town.

He owns a house in Miami. It's his second home. And the owner there already said that money would be no object in bring Peyton to town. Miami's defense was top 5 last year.  Now that's a perfect fit.

GF - Acording to Golic on ESPN ( I know, I know), linebackers that have had their vertabraes fused like Manning have come back to play. So paralysis really isn't a factor, and it's more about his ability to regain arm strength and "feel".

- I have had my neck fused with spinial cord trauma. In my case it's my left arm. I have tingling and numbness in my hand. My  doctor told me that the nerves would continue to heal for 18 months from my injury. After that, whatever I regained, was all I would get back.

18 months. It's getting close to that time for Manning.
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