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Re: Twofer

Posted: 1/27/2012 12:24 PM

Re: Twofer 

"He makes good jack b/c he is at a union paper."

-- Good old unions! They may bargain for higher salaries and force jobs overseas and make employess less employable but, uh, good old unions!  And talk about influence!

Here's one possible negative aspect of things: Didn't Grossi tend to have contacts and experience and information around the Browns? Isn't that now lost to an extent with his forced "reassignment"?  Did he have some basis for his thoughtless post in the first place?

The PD and the Browns seemed to have moved with unerring power. I think less talk about Grossi's possibly sad fate and more talk about the status of the Browns situation is more interesting.

Lerners win, Grossi (and honest reporters?) loses. It poses as a personal thing. But where does that leave the fanbase when all is said and done?  Just more data...
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