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Re: Mary Kay gets her shot.

  • redright
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Posted: 1/26/2012 6:48 PM

Re: Mary Kay gets her shot. 

Aardvark wrote: Don't think Randy had to do anything to affect the removal (whether he did is another matter). 

The Plain Dealer had to remove Grossi from the Browns beat. 

Any paper would have to remove a reporter from a beat or an ongoing story when that reporter intentionally or unintentionally reveals a personal animosity towards someone he or she is covering.

Forget Grossi's apparent clumsiness with a smartphone.  You NEVER put such feelings in print of any form, just as you NEVER put them in words around an open mic. 

Reporters are certainly allowed to have personal opinions about people they cover, but unless they've been elevated to doing an op/ed piece, they need to keep it to themselves.

But one sentence in this blurb intrigued me:

In many respects, Lerner is an absentee landlord, with little or no interest in doing the things that so many other NFL owners love to do.

It seemed an off-the-cuff remark, but Florio seriously needs to amplify on this.
Makes sense.

Wouldn't be surprised if Randy being in NWO found out about it at the same time he found out about Tony's departure.
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