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Re: Att: Souldawg, et al, the Brady Six


Posted: 1/15/2012 11:11 AM

Re: Att: Souldawg, et al, the Brady Six 


If you think about it, the odds of finding a transcendent player at any position aren't that great. And QBs are even harder because of the critical importance of the position and also the lower odds since you only have two or three on the roster compared to multiple players at most positions.

Here's the thing though, with the rookie wage scale coming, it doesn't kill you as badly to miss at the top of the draft going QB, and the odds are a little better of getting the blue chip player there than down below. So a GM can follow a hunch or chase physical talent and not worry about bankrupting the franchise for the next 4 years if his guess is wrong.

Personally, I'd go for RG3 if it only cost us this year's #22 (and maybe a 3rd or lower next year). His quick release, whip arm, and fast feet could energize the offense and make everyone around him a little better. His maturation schedule would match with the rest of the team's young players. He has a rep as being a high character kid and very smart. Lastly, as a bonus, picking him would help generate hope for the franchise and might even attract young free agents.

Giving up high picks this year and next? Not sure it's smart for the long run, and just don't see H&H rolling that way. Really wish this FO wasn't so free agent adverse, because landing 3-4 FA players could really open up the draft for us.

I could see Washington trying to jump up by trading with St Louis, and those crazy mofos might offer a truckload of future picks. But they could also go all in on Flynn, and come draft day, our #22 might be the biggest chip on the table.
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