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Re: Tom Heckert World Tour


Posted: 1/19/2012 6:20 AM

Re: Tom Heckert World Tour 

I think I'm not.  Anyone who says Heckert isn't an improvement over what we've has previously is just being argumentative and a contrarian.  Was it a pretty low bar?  You betcha.  But he's definitely an improvement.

I usually ignore the run up to the draft because all discussions become "Uh-huh"  vs "Unh-uh" competitions. What we have is GM wannabe LB telling us the actual GM don't know ****. And now we have other GM wannabes telling him the GM does know ****.

We've had one draft with this guy in a year where the decision was to stand pat to assess and build through the draft. And his picks went into a year with a new HC, new offensive system and defensive systems for everyone on the team and a record lack of time to get ready for those new systems and the higher level of play in the pros.

If waiting to see before concluding the goodness or badness of a pick was ever appropriate this is the season.
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