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Re: Lombardi couldn't find steel in a bag of Hammers

  • redright
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Posted: 2/18/2013 4:21 PM

Re: Lombardi couldn't find steel in a bag of Hammers 

Gameface64 wrote:
poppa9601 wrote:

However if we do trade for someone I rather it be Mallet than a guy with no future like A.Smith.

I'm starting to feel like Alex Smith's lawyer. But "no future", really? Like what, he's going to get cut and be out of the league within two years?

He's got a future. It may be undetermined at to what level, but he's going to play in the league for awhile.

Smith does have a future, Indeed he is better than  what most teams have as a starting QB.  If the talk of big arm downfield QB is just smoke and mirrors, he could be Chuds guy and if he is the "fit" he is a good choice. He has become and NFL quality QB.  IMO, the discussion of Smith being unacceptable is largely based on what we are supposed to have as an offense. Smith doesn't sparkle and shine, but he is solid if in a stable offense.

I don't see him as a fit with our challenged offense, nor as a fit in what Turner has run as an offense, still Lombardi??? Chud???  who knows?
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