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Re: Lombardi couldn't find steel in a bag of Hammers

Posted: 2/18/2013 3:19 PM

Re: Lombardi couldn't find steel in a bag of Hammers 

Gameface64 wrote:
poppa9601 wrote:

However if we do trade for someone I rather it be Mallet than a guy with no future like A.Smith.

I'm starting to feel like Alex Smith's lawyer. But "no future", really? Like what, he's going to get cut and be out of the league within two years?

He's got a future. It may be undetermined at to what level, but he's going to play in the league for awhile.

Great line there Game. You and that crazy SD have kept me in stitches today.

Bad choice of words on my part, more like no upside.

Alex Smith isn't leading any team to a championship. We can fail with who we already have, that's my point. No need to waste resourses signing or trading for what we already have.

The difference between Smith and Weeden is we know Smith can't get it done. His own HC benched him with his team leading the division. If they don't want him, why should we?

What we don't know is how good Weeden could be in an offense designed to take advantage of his skill set. I hope we get a chance to see.
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