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Re: Peter King gurgles down the redright Koolaid on Flacco to


Posted: 2/11/2013 10:08 PM

Re: Peter King gurgles down the redright Koolaid on Flacco to 

redright wrote:

Thanks Soul,

the transaction made sense to me a few months ago when travelling through MD. Ravens fans were in a tizzy calling radio stations to complain of how they would never win the big one with Flacco. Knowing he was a free agent and seeing how he played against the Pats in the AFC championship game in 2012 and knowing how badly we needed a QB, It just made sense that we had a shot.  Now with Flacco being the face of the franchise, I don't see how we can get it done. IMO, Baltimore has to go Exclusive on Flacco. The Browns aren't the only team needing a QB and have 20 million to spend.

Exclusive will damage the Ravens. Not having a QB, deadly.

Peter 58 engaged the topic in OBR. Hope he will explain, herein, his CAP thoughts. Peter was not treated well by a poster, sadly.  The Ravens, IMO, can exclusive Flacco and keep Boldin. After that????   I do like one of their LBs and DBs.


Ellerbe makes plays all over the field , and they can't pay him and that rush linebacker who got all the hype once Suggs chased people from his side of the field.

I'd take Ed Reed in a wheel chair , just  poetic justice alone
nevermind , he could still net enough picks in the next two years to eclipse what our safeties gleaned in the last ten combined.

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