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Re: Haslam returns to Pilot the Truck Stops


Posted: 2/14/2013 3:01 PM

Re: Haslam returns to Pilot the Truck Stops 

0tter wrote:

Are you going to make me make a serious reply?

I know enough people in positions similar to Haslem's (although nobody in the Billionaire range) and do not believe any of them would ever expend the kind of effort you're talking about to verify with their own eyes what is going on with their business.

They pay people to do that for them.  They fly to a race track and then get in their car and drive.  They pay someone to drive it down.  They pay someone to service it.  Then they enjoy it.  Get back on a plane.  And someone else cleans it up. 

That's SOP.  He's not going to spend minutes or hours a day checking things out in his fan nation.  And I think you understate how much of an effort someone 'new' to this world has to expend to understand the information.   We grew with the medium.  But someone new to it has to take their time to understand it.  And most people start in the largest areas - the equivalent of CL Live or the Dawg Pound over at the Browns official site or whatever else is out there (I honestly don't know anymore).  And when you start there you start in unorganized chaos.  And without an understanding of what posters or posts merit real consideration it's a steep learning curve to understanding. 

You can try to shortcut it.  Gilbert did with Twitter.  But I'm not certain that it works out well for him.  The fans who embrace one medium or another are not exactly representative of all fans.  Sports Talk radio, for example, is a medium for people who are literally the most vocal about their teams.  But the majority of fans never call a sports talk radio show and likely the majority don't even listen regularly enough to be influenced by sports talk.  But if you ask someone who hosts one of those shows they'll insist that it would be best for the owner to listen to their show because that will give them a view into the fans. 

So let's compromise and say that if Haslem is treating Banner with something other than 100% confidence.  He is going to find people outside of the organization to trust or he'll pay someone outside of the organization to do it for him.  To keep track of the 'heartbeat' of Browns fans. Even with 100% trust in Banner I'm sure he'll also have interactions with other people who are outside the organization who will give him more pertinent information than he'd find from reading Lane.   Peyton Manning is likely available to chat whenever Haslem is in the mood.  Bernie has a pretty good feel for what Browns fans think.  Plenty of other influential people in Cleveland, who have lived here a long time, will be able to provide Haslem with information on what the fans want or how they'll likely react. 

And then you get back to what he might be.  A guy with a toy.  He spent his time to buy it and made sure he got the right toy for the right price.  Now he's not going to worry about keeping it up.  He'll just jump in on occasion for a ride, turn around the next day, and go back to his day job.

I believe every businessman that has acquired a team found out the hard way that it isn't a typical business. It isn't profit and market share here, its something else. Something that requires a skill set and effort unlike pretty much anything in the business world.

So your starting point is incorrect. Haslam doesn't know **** about this business. And he knows it.  He's doing what any smart guy would do and went and got himself a smart man that's experienced in the business to run it for him.

That leaves Haslam at the top of the food chain in a business he is a rookie at this and is now dependent on some guy he met less than a year ago. That's where he's at. And, his normal way of metering the effort of all involved is limited with the real detailed information coming through one man who always wanted to be the head honcho of a football team.

It is a simple fact that Haslam now has a vulnerability that Banner can exploit if necessary and if he is so inclined. 

You jump to Haslam not fully confident in Banner.  You jumped too fast. Haslam has complete confidence in Banner. If he didn't, he wouldn't have just gone back to Pilot. Now the question becomes how does Haslam become uncertain about Banner when all of his information comes through Banner? In order for him to become uncertain he must have counter information. He won't be hiring anybody to check on things until he's uncertain and he won't have the information until he hires somebody. 

And in that crack, is the OBR, and the beat reporters. If Haslam isn't so supremely confident in himself that he couldn't possibly consider the notion that he made a boo-boo hiring Banner.

Nothing may come of this. Banner may do the best job ever seen. But if he doesn't, it will be years before we get to the point of moving him out of Cleveland. He has a coach he can blame, previous administrations, Lombardi.  He has a rookie head coach and a guy trying to do penance for his past. Hell, he has two ready made scapegoats before he gets any scrutiny.  "We gave him some really great talent, he just isn't using it well. I guess he wasn't ready."

But then, we have long haul Jimmy at the helm. The man who almost with his first words talked about continuity. So this could take awhile. I don't see a situation for a fast trigger in this set up.

So, we all hope that Banner and Lombardi are as good and as reformed as they believe they are. We all hope that. 

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