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RE: Haslam returns to Pilot the Truck Stops


Posted: 2/14/2013 8:55 AM

RE: Haslam returns to Pilot the Truck Stops 

Gary Reents wrote:
I think you missed the point. What you conclude depends on the information you have. If the information you have is managed, its unlikely your conclusions will be anything but what was intended to be concluded.

And, the immediate effect is to neuter Bernie. He's been effectively walled off from any real influence. They may trot him out when they think it suits them, if Bernie is willing, but he's just window dressing to these guys. 

Bernie has only one in now that I can see, and that's by building a strong bond with Chud and Turner.
Didn't miss anything. U underestimate how I  perceive my line of work I deal with all kinds of personalities.

Some are truthful, some lie , some are deceptive  and so on..people are people regardless of their line of work.
I'm always suspicious of business people because of the practices they employ to get what they want.

I try to see what makes  a person tick..if they are truely smart ,they don't take things on face value. They dig for information and read between the lines.

In this senero there's a risk of the personalities involved handling the operations of this team.
 So far it seems Haslam is o.k  with it  dispite someof the warnings he was given.

One thing I do know, if you put someone in a position to give you information and they are being stifled  , you find out why. U also find out whats not being relayed to you.
Now it all depends on the type of man JH is.
We know that his other business is handled in a hands on fashion regardless of whom he has in charge.

 I understand what you're saying( U think I don't ) we'll just see how it plays out.

Now ,U might reason I'm trying to  prop up Haslam..I'm doing what I do in this situation, I'll take the stance that regardless of BK being screened from anything of value, it shouldn't stop JH from doing what he needs to do.
If JH wants to have Bernie as someone he wants to talk to and he has little to tell him, well there are other paths to take regarding that. Other ways to find out whats going on.

On his side  he  feels he has to trust  Banner..however  he's a 1st time owner set up by the NFL with a person he's has no history with. And a guy that a lot of people know is smart but don't like his personality and feel he has a huge ego..not the first person like that around here.

Is he too trusting to Banner just because he's there, and dude has smoothed out a path with him ?

That trust has to be relative and not exact.
But as I said we're going to see this all play out because as U and I and everyone in here knows,this isn't going to be a smooth ride.

Haslams experience with the Stoolers should have taught him how the structure works and the checks and balances in place , function..I'm sure the owner had more than one person who fed him formation that someone else wasn't  able to deliver.

The first blows will be in FA..and then the draft. And then how Banner/Lombardi handle internal problems WHICH WILL COME UP.

We'll all see what Haslam is about..I do expect him to stumble since this is his first time  doing this.

Last edited 2/14/2013 9:14 AM by Wardawg11

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Posted: 2/21/2013 10:49 AM

RE: Haslam returns to Pilot the Truck Stops 

"I try to see what makes  a person tick..if they are truely smart ,they don't take things on face value. They dig for information and read between the lines."

-- "Reading between the lines"- at least in the real world- is indeed very important and hard to understand from the outside or after the fact. Which is why subtle things like that might get lost in the maze of linkable articles  that contain "facts" that may still not reveal the way things are going and what people are doing. 

Using "links" or other things can be helpful at times. But the danger is when someone leans on them too much and can't "read between the lines". As they say, opinions are like arsholes. And they can influence both how you "read between the lines" and which "facts" or "links" you twist to suit your purposes or decide to ignore.

All part of debate and decision-making, I suppose. Too much attitude does get tiresome after awhile.

"We'll all see what Haslam is about..I do expect him to stumble since this is his first time  doing this."

-- Right. Banner and Lombardi can be commented on, but the reality is that Haslam can fire them if he decides they aren't doing a good job. He is The Man in this scenario. Which he should be. I don't mind him stumbling if the stumbling means he cares and he learns after each stumble. A completely inexperienced or a totally disconnected owner who lets boys be boys would not be good.

At least Haslam has been out there a bit and done a few things and hopefully has experience based on that. Owners in the past seemed too connected at times and too lost in a fog at other times. 
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