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Re: Laying the Solid Foundation

Posted: 2/13/2013 2:03 PM

Re: Laying the Solid Foundation 

-- Hope. That's what I'm reduced to.


But what I'm asking is this:  what is the "something" Haslam has done in his short tenure to give you hope? "

--  He comes from money, but he has done perhaps more than others who come from money. If so, I hope that will inform his ownership judgment. That's all. The evidence is at best imperfect at this point. The "foundation" isn't set at this point- even though we can opine on the team's current status if we want to. Haslam may be the worst owner the Browns ever had. If so, some people may take a weird satisfaction in that. Hopefully, he isn't. At this point and in light of past Browns' ownership, I bitterly cling to hope.

Teams and unions- Any discussion of a team's salary or ticket prices or anything else has to be made in the framework we have. So be it. Currently the NFL and the players' union put money first. No matter what  persona they want to project.

My point was that maybe it would be much better from a fan pov to have communities take charge of the sport. They could charge a sensible amount to fans and pay players a sensible salary. Then salaries might reflect economic realities rather than the motivations of rich but disconnected owners, corporate interests and union protected players who may be more motivated by their contracts than the community they supposedly represent. 

In addition, medical factors should always take account of the preservation of the real sport and the assumed liability that players enter into when they choose to play professional football. If the NFL and the unions go too far in protecting players, fans may at some point decide the product on the field isn't worth the money they now spend. Just part of the equation in the current situation. 

In light of lawsuits, it may be sensible to require players to enter into a medical contract that defines their status before they ever make contact in an NFL environment. I'm sure their agents would be competent to understand the contract and advise their clients appropriately.

But for now this is all theoretical. It probably couldn't happen unless the NFL becomes a bubble that eventually bursts. What's the chance of that? 
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