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Re: Haslam returns to Pilot the Truck Stops

Posted: 2/13/2013 1:47 PM

Re: Haslam returns to Pilot the Truck Stops 

0tter wrote:

Jim.  That is some attempt at fun fiction you have going on there.  One day I should sit you down and chat about how the corportate world functions.  Your version of a CEO seems to stem from your viewing of The Jerk.  It might need some refreshing.

Gary Reents wrote:

Except...for the press and..."us." So, stay frosty, guys. If Haslam has any brains at all, he'll check into the unaffiliated fan sites and the reporters dishing the buzz. If he doesn't do this, he'll be worse than Randy.

As always your opinion of your own importance never ceases to amaze me.   Any owner who spends time listening to sports talk radio or reading fan sites should lose his/her power immediately.  A world which puts JB's and T-Dog up on a pedestal is not a world you step into to find answers to problems.  Or even where you go to just find problems.  It's where you go to vent aimlessly about everything you feel like venting about. 

Gary's self importance aside, I wouldn't in turn underestimate OBR as a source point for the FO.  In all things there is balance.  Fans can't delude themselves into thinking their opinion carries significant weight.  But let's not also dismiss their views as lighter than air.

Politicians frequently use polls as a barometer for what matters to their constituents. 
Ad agencies use focus groups.  Movie producers use test audiences.  Companies are dying to give away freebies just to get your opinions on their products or services.

Now WHAT they do with that information, or HOW WELL they utilize it-- if they utilize it at all-- is another matter.  But they spend considerable resources looking for feedback.

While an owner may have neither the time nor inclination to peruse such pages, he would be wise to have someone keeping tabs on fan pages, perhaps providing a one page weekly summary.   Certainly the under 30 office staffer who's the social media maven can glean through the usual muck and make a general assessment as to how each and every fo development plays to the hard core fans.  It's no different than when the club sends out players and pr flacks to various Backers dinners.  They want to talk to fans and report back on the general mood of who is often the season ticket holders. 

When Collinsgate blew up, the sneaking suspicion was that Randy was getting a different tune from the internet than he was getting from inside Berea, and that may have altered his thinking about a course of action to take.  OTOH, Lerner may have been overly responsive to fellow Browns fans.  He may have been an example of "be careful what you wish for" in terms of having the owner's ear.  So yea, Haslam may not do worse by following Lerner's tact. 

If nothing else, OBR is a good place for the FO to run ideas up the flagpole.  They may have a trade idea and wonder how it would play to the fans.  Easy, just feed a story (not true or untrue, just a rumor) to a reporter, or leak it yourself, and within a matter of days, a focus group has done its work for you.

I can tell you that when local television was making the transition to digital 10+ years ago, I turned our engineering staff onto the AVS Forum (in truth, a couple of them already posted there).  This is the site devoted to audiophiles and home theatre junkies who love to tell you about the vital importance of $100+ HDMI cables for their interconnects.
But at the time, they had chat groups forming by tv market to talk about HD reception, whose shows looked great, and which stations' digital signals were less than stellar. 
These were the early adopters spending $3-5k for a plasma set and wanted the optimum AV experience. 

Sure, the site was rife with know-it-all techno geeks, many of whom inflated the importance of any little thing.  But it was a good place to go to take the temperature of the early adopters, to see in a stealth manner what we were dong right or wrong.

If I was in the Browns FO, I'd damn well have someone gathering intelligence on a number of sites and passing it upstairs in a condensed form.  I'd want it just as I'd want regular feedback from season ticket holders.  No one would blame an owner for taking some down time and taking a peek into what's said.  They just have to avoid the quagmire that was captured in WEST WING years ago when Josh Lyman attempted to communicate with, and became increasingly frustrated by an internet troll.  

We know how that worked out for Phil Savage.
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