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RE: Haslam returns to Pilot the Truck Stops

Posted: 2/13/2013 9:37 AM

RE: Haslam returns to Pilot the Truck Stops 

I'd modify Gary's contention that owners fall into two categories.  Other than full-time owners (the team IS their livelihood), the captains of industry juggle time between their day job and toy, and do so in varying shades of gray.  It would be difficult to quantify which owners devote what % of time to day job or toy, and who has managed it successfully. 

Can it be done?  Sure. 

Is there a magic formula that says an owner really needs at least a 50/50 split of his time and energies to do right by his team?  Who knows?

As said many times, all an owner really needs to get right is the hire of his President. 
A great President hires a great GM.  They hire a great hc, et cetera, et cetera, ET CETERA!
Then the owner has more time to devote to the business end of the franchise and, while ever vigilant of the football side, knows it is in good hands and requires less maintenance time.

We don't know how Haslam has split his time.  When he stepped down as CEO on a temporary basis, we knew it wasn't like he still didn't devote time to Flying J.  As he resumes his old role, it's not like he has put the Browns on the shelf. 

There may, indeed, be absolutely no difference in the amount of time he spends in northeast Ohio.  But the "fair question" missed the mark.  The concern is not so much time spent in northeast Ohio, but how this latest move will affect HIS TIME SPENT ON THE CLEVELAND BROWNS.   And by time spent, I don't mean showing up in the owner's box.
Certainly an owner has to block out plenty of time around free agency to meet with prospective players.  The draft?  Uh, I don't know that I necessarily want Haslam standing over Banner and Lombardi.  Training camp and the weeks leading up to it?  Yea, block out some time there for consults on contracts. 

I'm sure he gets all that.  But what we don't want is an owner who steps in jussst a little late for a Collinsgate affair.

And an owner really does himself no service by claiming that even if a few of his decisions didn't pan out, they were at least made because "we were very involved, very hands on and cared deeply about the Cleveland Browns, Northeastern Ohio and restoring a winning tradition to the area."  His predecessor spouted the same sentiments, and at least HE had some basis for it having grown up a  Browns fan.  Haslam's motivation is that he wants a winner because HE is a winner, his company is a winner, and therefore his team has to be an extension of that and a reflection on him. 

Well, every owner is in that same boat.  At least the ones whose team isn't their sole means of support.

So in a corollary to Butch's "don't tell me about the pain.  Show me the baby," maybe Haslam needs to talk less about caring deeply and jsut show us the winner.  

Right now, all we have to go on is a hope that a new owner, taking the same approach as his predecessor, will somehow achieve a different outcome. 

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