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Re: Haslam returns to Pilot the Truck Stops


Posted: 2/12/2013 10:51 AM

Re: Haslam returns to Pilot the Truck Stops 

0tter wrote: Not that I'd expect people to care but he never did anything other than take steps to allow him a temporary hiatus.  He replaced himself as acting CEO with someone he trusted while appointing himself Emeritus status.  The breathless media reports at the time were laughably inaccurate when they portrayed him handing over his family company's reigns and focusing solely on the Browns.

He bought a house and people think that means he was becoming a Clevelander.  I wish I had a giant eyeroll icon. 

He needed to take enough time to set up his new billion dollar enterprise.  He's done that.  He's happy with where it is.  Now he's going to get back to his real family legacy.

Honestly what the hell does an owner do for a football team in the offseason?    Meanwhile Flying-J has no offseason and is where Haslem has to go to get his CEO'ness on.  As far as what happens to PepsiCo guy he's not only going to be involved with Flying J but apparantly the Browns as well. 

So obviously (to me) Jimmy promised him CEO role to entice him to leave PepsiCo.  Now that he wanted it back he had to give him at least a little something in order to get it done w/o a fight.

So he gave him a piece of consulting with the Browns.

Welcome to being a fan of one man's toy.
Pol, from an operational standpoint we all know you are correct. Like dude can't mix in a 30 minute skype call from anywhere to stay in touch. Unless you believe strongly in MBWA, like, oh, I dunnno, a CEO rumored to make  pop in visits to his truck stops for QC, nothing is really lost.

Butt.... From the standpoint of connection between what he said he'd do and what he is doing, there is yet another chasm. Another data point of BS from this new management group. May not manefest itself in anyway, and yet again it may.
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