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RE: FAcy and Draft

  • redright
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Posted: 2/18/2013 3:49 PM

RE: FAcy and Draft 

Nasdaq wrote:
0tter wrote: I have no problem with bringing in Smith. He has familiarity with the offense and Norv knows whether or not he has the ability to thrive or if bringing him in would just be a bridge to the next guy.

While both located in the State of California and both named after saints in Spanish, San Diego and San Francisco are in fact different cities with different NFL franchises. Come to think of it, "James Francis" would make one hell of a sweet Irish name even tho these are in Spanish... Jus sayin'.

Kind of like the Denver and Cleveland Feds are in different cities. You know, for programming specs.
Then again, didn't the Gaels receive their tongue from the Galicians?
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