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Re: FAcy and Draft

Posted: 2/16/2013 7:55 AM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

OK Game, I understand YPOV. I am not interested in putting all my eggs in the Weeden basket either. And there are options.

Alex Smith- Everyone talks as if Smith is a FA, he's not. The ones who knows he's not assume he'll be released. But why would the 9ers release him? Who do they have to backup Keap if they do? AS's pay for 13' is less than 9mill. Coupled with Keap and the 9ers have less than 11mill in the position. Peanuts for a starting QB let alone a starter and backup. To get Smith is going to take picks. Knowing that, what's a reasonable price? As Headhole has already stated, the floor for the bidding is a 3rd rounder. That's way more than I would pay for a known placeholder.

Ryan Mallett- Again pick drafts to aquire, but if we're going to spend them on anybody I would perfer it be Mallett. 6'6" 240 with an absolute cannon for a arm. But I don't think he's as smart as Weeden. He's had off field problems. And he's thrown all of 4 passes in his career with 1 int.

So now outside of those 2 who would you have besides Weeden?
Geno, T. Wilson, Barkley?
Meh, all. And all would cost us a first round pick.

I'm all for signing the best FA QB to compete with/push Weeden. For my money I think that's Matt Moore. I'm all for using a draft pick to get a young guy to develop, just not a first round pick. I can see Bray lasting until the 4th rd, afterall Foles did. If not then Landry Jones.

Throw them all out there, give them all a fair evaluation, and then go with the best one whoever it is.

Then if they all fail, reload next year in the first rd where there will be real talent to choose from.

That's MPOV. No need throwing our darts against a board with no balloons to pop.

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Posted: 2/16/2013 9:00 AM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

poppa9601 wrote:

That's MPOV. No need throwing our darts against a board with no balloons to pop.

Common ground on the majority of your post. I've never stated that Smith should be a target at any price, only that he shouldn't be dismissed out of hand based on losing his job to a rising star like Kaperernick. Due dilligence, imo, would be to at least explore the option and see if there was any creative way that it could work.

The problem I have with your statement above is that not all the baloons are what they seem to be. And Russell Wilson and Kaepernick were not highly touted, or thought to be the brightest shiniest most fully inflated balloons to throw for when the darts were tossed. And those that look good for next year's draft may not be so attractive by 2014. Just ask Matt Barkley.

Last year's QB class may have been one for the ages, I don't know. Or there may be a trend that college QBs are becoming better and more prepared. Either way, my only point is that we need to go balls out to find a QB that can compete on a high level. More than anything, I believe that's what has set this franchise back the most since 99.
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