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Re: FAcy and Draft

Posted: 2/15/2013 12:30 AM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

Gotta make this quick. 


-Obviously you just don't like BW b/c he doesn't play the game the way you would or the way your hero COLT McCOY does. Got it.

LIghten up Francis, I didn't even mention you by name, yet you got all worked up. I just had a POV which doesnt suck that says giving Weeds a pass due to scheme and not extending the same courtesy to McCoy is weak. 

I could personally care less what jizz stain we have back there, I just want someone whose good.

And I hate that weak ass early sliding, you don't?

What it is, is that we currently have on the roster a 6'3 1/2'' 220+ lb QB with a rocket arm.
Who has 15 starts in the league. Who despite playing in an offense not designed to take advantage of his talents or skills managed to win 5 of 15 games he played as a rookie. Who except for a dropped perfectly thrown ball and the defenses inability to hold  late 4qt leads could have won at least 3 more games.

I actually kinda sorta agree w/this. But I just want to mention the Gordon drop was not a game winner because there were 6 mins to go, which is about 50X the amount needed for the Browns to fatally choke.

Now the real question is "Why wouldn't we try to develop that QB"?


Because we're the Browns that's why. Or at least that's the only reason I can come up with.

He should be developed, of course. They spent a 22 on him. Cutting him after a year is stupid, I never advocated that. I was just agreeing with Game that we should get the best available talent (upgrade the position as a unit) and then let them duke it out and if Weeds rides the pine, too effin bad.

This is war, for Chrissakes.


Having said all that, if there were a clear upgrade out there in FAcy that we didn't have to give draft picks for or starter money to, I'd be all for signing him. But there's not. That's why I said to bring in Matt Moore. He's started games and has done fairly decent given his situation. He would be competition for Weeden and a good backup. Then save our drafts picks and if need be trade up next year for a new QB.

I will defer to your considerable knowledge on this, I don't follow the league that closely. Matt Moore could be the guy that snaked my toilet last week, for all I know. Your track record on QB's..... well you   apparently were right on Tanny, wrong on Flynn, I'll take your word for it on Moore.

Giving up cheddar for Smith sounds about as appetizing as (comment redacted lol). I was mainly referring to the concept of having a guy like Smith on the team. Trust me I could give two piles about him. No high draft picks, you pick him up if he gets cut and thats it.

Last word on Weeds: he's alright, like I said he might be good. But if he starts blowing chucks again it would be nice to have someone there to come in who has actually been successful as an NFL QB.

Last edited 2/15/2013 12:29 PM by gomjabber

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Posted: 2/15/2013 8:33 AM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

Ok, 2 things Gom.

First, My handle is Poppa b/c I'm an old guy. Which means I can't see well enough to read that font size. I had to guess at most of what you wrote.

Secondly, I'm sorry if I come across as snarky at times. I'm an old guy and old guys are in pain most days. I know I am.

I'm in favor of upgrading ALL positions, especially QB. But I'm not in favor of change for change sake. BW has the tools to play the position. He just needs some PROPER coaching. And as I survey the landscape of possible candidates that we might aquire through trade, draft or FAcy at the position, I don't see anyone more capable for 2013 than BW. So why waste the resourses?

That's not to say I'm sold on BW, but I do believe he has the talent and is capable of becoming a quality NFL QB. And I believe the team needs to find out if he can. If he fails or " blows chucks" in an offense more suitable to his skill set, then we'll know and will have a better group to select from in next years draft.

I know only too well that the patients has run out with all Browns fans. But the fact is that we're looking at another season in which the team won't make a serious playoff run. Which is why this year is the time to find out if BW can succeed in the Turner/Chud offensive system.

I know there are some who think we should start over now at the position and save the year we might waste evaluating Weeden. But there no guarantee that anyone we bring in will  succeed and could very well do worst than BW. Like I said, if there's a better option than BW I don't see him.

Anyway that's just MO. And I've have been known to be wrong.
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Posted: 2/15/2013 12:38 PM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

Don't know what happened with the font size, it looks normal on my comp. So I fixed it, don't want to get you any more riled up.
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