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Re: FAcy and Draft


Posted: 2/14/2013 10:36 PM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

HeadHole wrote: "Good advice."

-- Well, posters are welcome to use their eyeballs or any other body part to analyze Smith or any other player.

Really good advice would be to watch what the Browns do as they are led by a new regime and are at least partially advised by an OC who has worked with Smith in a real football situation and is so informed.

Of course, their view of Weeden and what they would need to give up to get Smith also plays a role in their decisions. Just please don't let any concern over Weeden's delicate nature be a factor. If he or any other players are real sensitive, maybe they should pursue other interests.

So, if someone just wants to show the forum how smart they are, the good advice- as you say- would be to "use your eyeballs" and fire away. 

If you want to see what the team actually does, stand by. 

BTW- The price for Smith might be too high. There are other teams who could compete and drive the price higher and there is a consideration in SF that the depth at QB that Smith brings isn't a bad thing. So that would drive up any price for him. On the other hand, if SF keeps him, they will have to pay him money in April. Supply and demand always effects prices. Money- not a player's feelings- is a more substantive factor.

Further BTW- Apparently if the 49ers decided to keep Smith this year, they would get a low 3rd round pick as compensation if he goes FA in 2014 and gets signed by a team. Worst case if they keep him and pay his salary: they have QB depth and end up with a 3rd rounder down the road. So their is support for a belief that a 3rd round pick would be the lowest point they would negotiate from. Begin your auction at that price and the best offer wins!

2013 may well be a Weeden Year for the Browns no matter what.
Points taken. The price for Smith needs to be right, and it's probably unlikely that it will be. But there's posters here that are dead set against even looking into the possiblity. I find that POV hard to understand. The man is not without accomplishments. Granted he's not Kaepernick, but right now who is? I can't think of a young QB that I'd rather have, although Luck may eventually prove to be even better. And knowing that Kapernick was not considered the top QB in his draft class shows that great QBs can come from nowhere.

All I'm advocating is looking hard for that elusive star, and not standing pat and restricting our options to Weeden. We've got a bankroll, we can gamble this year and I think we should. Weeden may blossom, but based on what we've seen, its just as likely that he may wilt.
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