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Re: FAcy and Draft

  • redright
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Posted: 2/14/2013 10:17 AM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

Gameface64 wrote:
redright wrote:

Those that say Weeden will lose his job if Smith is brought in must assume that Smith is clearly superior. And if that is so, what's the problem?


not really. Smith is a step aheads of Weeden. Has to be. He has 6 years experience and Weeds has one  year in the land of misfit coaches.  Likely Smith wins the QB competition, becomes the starter and never becomes all that and a bag of chips. Weeden may not be better, but if you are not certain Smith is to be your franchise QB, all you've done is paid a high price for an interim QB. Weeds or  Moore or Anderson could do that. We need to be certain Smith is our QB for 5 years or pass. Average or slightly better than average means five years of never getting to the dance.

Do you remember Bill Walsh taking an underachiever, Steve Deberg and getting him to perform as is he was pro-bowl quality?  DeBerg thought he was all world.  Not so. Walsh knew it. NO mega bucks for DeBerg. See much the same with Smith.

Red, Deberg was a pretty old vet, no? Don't think that's a good comparison. As I've said above, Smith would have to come at a reasonable price to be worth adding. Reasonable being front loaded contract so that if he turns out to be meh, you cut him and walk away.
O K How about the statiscally best Q B the Browns ever had...better statistically than Unitas and on  a great Browns team ....... Milt Plum?  

If I can not get a stud Q B, Im going wih Weeds, D A, Moore,    It gives us a chance to build the team and have a chance at better quartering.
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