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Re: FAcy and Draft


Posted: 2/14/2013 9:34 AM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

gomjabber wrote: Look, I'm not even making an argument that Smith is a sure thing. Just that to dismiss him out of hand is to deny both eye test and W-L stats. I don't buy the theory that only an uber QB can take a team all the way. I look at the Browns and I see a 5-11 team with a big question mark at QB, and I read a lot of static about how it spoil Weeden to bring in some competition. Never know, some competition might make Weeden better. Or make the team better.

Your POV on this makes sense, and I haven't disagreed with an F'N word you've written. 

I don't get this resistance to Smith. WTF is wrong with him? Oh yeah, he doesn't fit the scheme. You know, the whole vertical passing attack thing. 

But Weeden, he does. If it wasn't for the dunderheaded Hanoi Hilton prisoner (AA, 2012) pigeonholing him into that archaic 1993 offense, he would have set the league on fire.

Weeden has some tools, he might even be good. But giving him more or less a pass due to "scheme" while mercilessly excoriating McCoy who played in the same **** "scheme" is revealing. But Weeden, he's got that cannon.

Sometimes you gotta use your eyeballs. For all the sophistication of the modern game, it still gets down to the plays drawn up in the sand when you played as a little kid. Throw the ball to the open man. It's like the idiots that argued here about the trajectory and this and that and the other when Dilfer overthrew a wide open BE by like 20 ft.

It doesn't matter what the "scheme" is, you just make plays. Weeden missed wide open guys enough to warrant serious concern. Miight be fixable. Field General? Not so much. And he slides too soon like a wuss.

Anyway back to Smith, I never knew he existed until is name came up a while back, I did a quick check and saw the 17/5 stat line from the year before. 5 F'n picks in 445 attempts? Then I watched, I guess it was the divisional playoff game, where Smith pulled out a thriller by repeatedly willing the team down the field in the 4th quarter, sheer brilliance.

I guess his play in the championship game was less winsome, yet he still finished the postseason at 5/0. Not too shabby, and this year he was putting up numbers a Browns fan could only morosely whiff at before getting hurt and then having tropical storm Kaepernick flatten him and everything else in its path.

So yeah, while he's had some lean years, I'd say he's probably qualified to come push a rookie on a 5-11 laughingstock called the Cleveland Browns.

Not too worried about the "scheme" I'm sure Smith could adapt, and he probably can spin it a little faster than he's being credited for.

Bring him in and let them fight it out, works for me. But no high draft picks, that would be tough to stomach.


People aren't adverse to pushing Weeden , and bringing in competition to provide a fire to his backside so he can be all he can be .

However the option of Smith warrants an expenditure of resources far in excess of that goal , to the point where draft picks and an absorbitant amount of cash would turn the competition into an either or proposition where coaches will be hobbled  to make fit this new toy because of the cash outlayed to aquire his services , rendering the contest into a competition of expended reources rather than a competition of applied talent.

You can effectively push Weeds for less , husband valuable draft cheddar to add talent to the team , and leave yourself options in the 2014 draft should the results of your choices prove unsatisfactory .

Sinking a number one in Weeds , then expending more on Smith a proven underachiever of questionable ability to power a downfield passing game while expending a huge outlay of cash , for a QB who looked good on a super team so talented they  got to the Superbowl via a rookie QB replacement , doesn't bespeak of using far reaching forethought with purpose , but yet instead  a typical kneejerk rush to the gold field chasing a played out vein.

That shiny convertible in califorinia , doesn't look near as smart in the winters of Alaska.

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