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Re: FAcy and Draft

Posted: 2/13/2013 4:33 PM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

"And that's making a big assumption that Smith can play like he played in Harbaugh's system rather then the way he played in his previous 5 systems under some very good coaches."

-- The enigma that is Smith's career.

Bringing him in and "assuming" he should replace Weeden and "assuming" he can play really well would be a mistake. Giving up too much to get him and hurting other positions would be a mistake.

Getting him for the right price and improving the QB position might not be a mistake. Sure Weeden's career has been short, but has he really shown the new regime that he's a franchise QB and they should look elsewhere first?

If there are better options out there, then the team should go after them for the right price. But Smith should at least be in the mix at this point. Considering his stats and how much they may have to give for him should also be part of the mix.
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