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Re: FAcy and Draft

  • redright
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Posted: 2/12/2013 8:18 PM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

Gameface64 wrote:
JH360 wrote:

Alex Smith - You're right, SF has too much invested...that's why they'll cut him loose.
But I want no more part of him in Clev as well. He's a marginal QB and only creates a controversy here.

I don't get this. How does a guy who was rated the #3 QB in the entire NFL. suddenly become "marginal"? Because Kaepernick is so good, then Smith is worthless?

What's the big deal about controversy? Competition at a key position on a 5-11 team isn't wrecking anything worth preserving. If Smith is so marginal, it'll prove out on the field. Don't put a lot of guaranteed money in, but if this team is trying to get better, they should start by getting more better players.
Circuitous Thinking but, Alex Smith's value may be see in the maybe we want to sign Mike Wallace as a Free Agent.

Wallace had a terrible year in Pit. Some his attitude, but mostly the play calling. Roeth and the OC had many a words. Much unhappiness in Steel City because of the play calling. Roeth and Wallace are downfield guys. It is the best part of their game. Smith is not a downfield passer. Wallace wouldn't fit with Smith. Wallace could fit with Weeden and with Chud and Norv.

I've thought of Wallace as a possible since mid-season. He does fit our new system. He does match with Weeds and with Shurmur gone it could be good.  Wallace makes Gordon an even bigger threat.  Little would be a go-to guy and Wallace is the home run hitter requiring full time attention.

Now that Wallace had had his feathers plucked and is personna non grata in Pitt, he is a likely WR for a big arm down field passing game.  At the right price and an attitude adjustment Wallace would be a great addition. There is no subtraction from Pit. Wallace is gone.  Their Offense has changed.

Think of TO and BE and Randy Moss. Smith is not going to throw those guys open deep. Doesn't have the arm. Weeds, Moore, DA have the arm to unleash an offense of Gordon, Little, Wallace and maybe you go four wide with Benjamin.

Now Flacco and Wallace in Orange and Brown.......... fireworks.
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