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Re: FAcy and Draft


Posted: 2/11/2013 10:03 PM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

By meaningful, let's say 60 catches 800 yds. By long shot let's say, 33% chance he gets to that level. I do like him and he's shown some promise, but he's very inexperienced and there are so many ways a career gets derailed. The Browns would be much better off re-signing Watson than counting on Cameron to be the #1 this quickly. This is a TE friendly offense in a TE happy league. We might need to sign a vet and draft one even if Cameron surges this year.

Nasdaq wrote:
Air Al wrote: I do too, but Cameron is still a long shot to be a meaningful NFL TE.

Iguess I'd be interested to know what you mean by "long shot".

JC shows repetedly that he seperates, he gets open, he catches the ball; often in open space, and what i like the best, he can run after the catch.  I really wonder how good of a run blocker a TE has to be to be a valid NFL TE. Can you be adaquate to chip a DE or shield a LBer instead of detroying him??

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