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Re: FAcy and Draft

  • vdubble
  • Homework Muncher
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Posted: 2/11/2013 6:35 PM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

I think SD and a few others were asking for specificity in the search for a developmental QB.  Interesting thoughts and discussion primer.  There are three I think may be worth a 3rd round, definitely a 4th.

Mike Glennon did really well in the Senior Bowl and will likely not make it out of the 2nd round but if he does, he is worthy.

Landry Jones is the same story.

E. J. Manuel has all the physical tools and will be there in the 4th if we go OLB or CB with our picks as they stand. 

Any of the above will reward us if coached up I think.  If we go the FA route, DA or Jason Campbell will likely be brought in.  DA is the risk/reward guy who already knows the offense and Campbell the solid vet.  Tavaris Jackson is interesting...

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Posted: 2/12/2013 2:45 PM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

Funny you should mention T.Jackson. I've been wondering who is really driving the bus when it comes to the offense the team plans to run. Is it Chud and Turner(as it should be) or is it BanBardi.

Heard somewhere the the FO wanted more mobility at the QB position and I was thinking that if they drafted Manuel it would be a tipoff that the team was planning to run the read option. Should they sign Jackson in FAcy, well then the writing really would be on the wall.

I really hope they give BW a real chance to compete in the vertical passing offense that Turner is known for. At this point it would be a shame not to.
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