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Re: FAcy and Draft

Posted: 2/9/2013 4:37 PM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

Gameface64 wrote: Keller can't stay healthy.

LaRon Landry is a FS who plays like a SS, but unfortunately he covers like a SS. In a passing league, we should sign a true FS. Landry is a hard hard hitter though. Don't know the other guy.

Moore's allright, but if Weeden fails, he's just a stop gap, not a long term solution. I've made my QB case in other threads, its too important to keep trying half ass fixes. Go large or sit home again. Simple math; the Seahawks spent on Matt Flynn but also drafted Wilson. They doubled their chances of success. We have the resources to invest.

Wow Game, must have caught you on a bad day.

I realize that list isn't perfect and it could use some tweaking. But who would you have instead?

Yeah Keller's been knocked around some, but who hasn't? Cook from the Titans would work just as well and it's not as if Watson has been an iron man.

If I had my pick of anyone at FS it would be Byrd. But everyone will be after him and I was trying to be realistic with the my list

Sure Moore would be a stop gap, but then who wouldn't? Just b/c you want better doesn't mean there is better available. And really, who's out there that gives the team a better chance of winning this year than Weeden? No one that I can tell.

There's no one more sick of the losing than I am. But you just can't bring in just anyone to play QB and start winning. There will always be growing pains no matter who we bring in. It's just part of it. Besides, I'm fully convinced Weeds can get it done in a vertical passing attack. Whether LomBanner thinks so remains to be seen.
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Posted: 2/9/2013 5:30 PM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

Sorry, didn't mean to be dismissive. Too much NY snow to shovel today.

And being in the NY area, I know way too much about the Jets and Giants.

Keller was really good three years ago, but he's on the injury train downhill.

Landry's a really good player, just not sure he's a compliment to Ward. Just feeling we need a ballhawk safety who can bust on deep passes.

My POV on QBs has evolved to a pretty militant place. I wish Weeden had shown more last year, doesn't mean I'm writing him off. Just believe the team should explore every avenue to better QB play. Got to look under every rock, but look for an elite player, and stop thinking half measures will do.

Good OP, never mind my nit picking.
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