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Re: FAcy and Draft


Posted: 2/9/2013 2:13 PM

Re: FAcy and Draft 

Gameface64 wrote: SD,

I'm no scout or professional evaluator. Don't follow college ball that closely. But I can't think of too many complete drafts that didn't produce at least one good QB. And Smith and Flynn may be out there.

There are no guarantees at any level. But the Browns are in a good spot to roll the dice. They have a ton of cap space if they want to pursue a free agent QB, and they have good draft position if they want to invest in the QB position there, low round or high. If they go the latter route, they can use the FA dollars to fill in a position that they might have drafted for instead of QB. Tons of flexibility.

I think our goals are aligned, but the methods and timing different. Surprised you don't support, if anyone has called for full investment in QB its you. There's talent out there somewhere, we just need to quit dicking around and start pulling the trigger. And to keep pulling it until we hit something.

Even if the pickings are slim, this team needs to start shopping and hope for the best. Even if we fail, we've got the deep pockets to reload and try again next year. Waiting only reduces our chances of finding what we need and getting good.

Go all out for a QB and don't worry so much about failing. It's not like we might mess up our great chemistry and stellar record of success.

I could  sign on to your stance so long as we'd continued  trotting out weak sisters of the poor like Calf humper McCoy  or the Lady Quinns of the World , backups to backups , with no real talent other than lockerroom cancers and caricature cartoon figures epitomizing walking talking little deeks without the balls or talent to be studs , just mouthy worthless ........ .

In Weeds , we have undiscovered Country , too soon to write off the region as thoroughly explored and found to be deplete of resources, and in Thadeus Lewis we have a three year study worth another training camp look .

In Norv Turner we have a premiere resource  to train and evaluate  and develop the QB position , and a proven HC in Chud who developed a scatterbrained hump like DA  into the limelight , while transforming  Cam Newton into a prolific QB threat  despite all the caterwauling by the so called ex spurts such a thing couldn't be done via a one read system QB .

So it is of my opinion , that between the two , that a much truer representative picture will emerge of Brandon Weedens talent , one which is more conduscive to the prospect we thought we drafted as these two men combined will devise and develop an offense more conducive to the talent he brings to the table .

Further I like the chemistry which developed late with the receiving corp as both Josh and Little came on late with Weeds finding a rhythm despite Shurms erratic schizo unfathomable  play calling, I see no reason to throw that away out of hand for a picture of greener grass on the other side of the fence .

Finally and foremost , the biggest problem as I see it , is there is not an immediate identifiable solution in this draft or free agency which upgrades the position , beyond the potential performance of a returning signal caller with immense talent to throw the pill who will be returning under the auspices of better coaching in a system theoretically projected to magnify and exploit his talents.

I'd rather utilize the talent at hand augment it thru the draft and or free agency and leave myself the option and resources to revisit 2014 , when more palatable talent presents itself as legitimate options should we be in need of or desire change .

In a defensive draft laden with what we need to build our front seven and replenish the secondary , it would border on criminal negligence to husband resources on second tier QB talent  just to scratch an itch , or make a self aggrandizing splash to mollify the masses with unproductive use of precious  draft Cheddar which is sorely needed elsewhere.

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