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Better late than never


Posted: 2/9/2013 11:54 AM

Better late than never 

poppa9601 wrote: There's been a lot of discussion as to how active the Browns will be in FAcy and what kind of FA's the team might bring in. So I thought I would compile a list for your discussion/destruction as to who I think would be solid FA signings and possible draft picks.

Matt Moore QB Miami
Vasquez OG SD
Keller TE NYJ
Barwin LB Hou/Groves LB SD
Johnson FS AZ/Landry FS NYJ

A lot of talk about Alex Smith and the Browns, and Smith did play 1 year with Norv as his OC. But in that year Smith completed 58% of his passes for 2890yds with 16 TD's and 16 int's. Those are McCoy numbers. Besides Moore would come cheaper and without costing a draft pick. SF has too much invested in Smith to let him just walk.

Vasquez is a plug-in and play OG who knows the Turner offense.
Keller is a replacemnet for Watson and averages 50 catches per year.
Barwin is 6'3" 260+ and Groves is the same. Either one or both would be a major upgrade.
Johnson is a FS who played for Horton the last 2 years. Landry is a FS who plays like a SS.

The draft

#6 Millner CB Alabama- Solid all around CB who's not afraid to help support against the run.
#68 Jenkins OLB Flordia St- Speed of the edge
#101 Tyler Bray Tennessee- Not my pick but if he's there in the 4th, Haslam jumps. Has the tools, needs work, and lots of it. Little doubt they draft a QB somewhere.
#132 Uzzi OG Georgia Tech- Those boys at tech can run block, this guys a road grader.
#165 Graham RB Pittsburgh- Nice compliment to the power of TRich.
#196 Sturgis PK Flordia- He's not Phil Dawson but he's made 85% of his FG's the last 2 years.

Having Landry on the backend pair with Ward and Millner who is very much like Haden would make a nice secondary. Barwin and/or Groves at OLB along with Jenkins plus our holdovers would make for a solid LBing corps.

Moore would be decent competition for Weeden at QB and be a solid backup. Vasquez at one guard spot with Lavuao, Pinky, Greco and Uzzi competing for the other really makes the o-line a strenght.

Keller at TE with Gordon and Little out wide and Cooper/Benjami in the slot and Weeden at the controls of a vertical passing/power running offense would be sweet. Wouldn't mind a vetrean WR in there somewhere. Edelman is a FA and a Welker clone. We'd really have a chance to make some noise.

Will we sign 5 FA's? Doubt it. But only Vasquez and Landry would cost decent money. The rest could be had at reasonable contracts. And with 45 million under the cap and having to spend 89% of it, it's got to go somewhere.

Well that's my list. Tear it apart if you must, just have the stones to put one up of your own.


I knew you had it in ya

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