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Re: Another Trey reset

  • redright
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Posted: 2/8/2013 3:02 PM

Re: Another Trey reset 

hamster wrote:
Nasdaq wrote:

Skip over the bright shiney media ready QB controversy and pay attention:

“They’re studying,” Haslam said. “I think we have a pretty good feel for what our needs are. They’re going to look at free agency, and they’re going to look at the draft. I think we’ll be selective in what we do in free agency, but if there’s some talent out there that matches our needs and it’s at the right dollar level, then I think we’ll probably make some moves. I don’t think you’ll see us make any big, splashy, high-priced moves because I think we’ve said all along we’re going to build through the draft.”

"Greet the new boss. same as the old Boss."

My god Naz, what did you want him to say?  We have to tweak both sides of the ball with personnel and adjust for new schemes.  While we have 'some' talent we also have glaring long term holes that need to be filled.  We may have the biggest hole at the most important position (QB) that might not be filled for a while.  So, do you think going into the season you want to go on record with every FA & their agents reading you will spend big?  Tell them you are obligated to appease the fans by saying you will spend whatever is needed to win?  How to you think that would effect negotiations?   Do you think a guy who overpaid for a franchise wants to go on record to build more debt just to appease restless fans that were screwed by the prior owner?

Also, why in the world would he make a promise he might not be able to bring about?  Kelly didn’t leave us.  He left both us and the Eagles regardless of how hard he tried.  He can try but there has to be limitations regardless if morons like Daniel Snyder overspend to get what we want.  The guy has to stay true to the mantra of building through the draft and then see what he can get when it comes available.  Tell me what successful organization isn’t building through the draft and selectively choosing FA?  Not the exception but the rule? 

This has become the standard answer for any new GM or president when taking on a new team as well.  Lets see what his interpretation of it is before judging it.  Just because Randy sucked at everything in his attempt, doesn’t mean Haslam owes impatient fans knee jerk reactions to put on the pretense he cares.  He has to build the team like he feels is right.  Just like Randy and Holmgren LIED about their time frame, Haslam & CO have theirs too. 

Lets at least see what happens before judging it.  Also, keep in mind the other needs and if they warrant signing overpriced FA at this time.  I don’t believe for one minute he isn’t expecting to win as fast as the circumstances allows him to. 

He paid enough to be in this for the long haul.  He was trained by the Steelers, listened to Kraft, how are they when it comes to spending in a big way in FA?  Banner also saw firsthand what can happen in Philly when you go hog wild in FA.  With ALL OF THEIR FA talent how did they do this season?  A smart man keeps expectations low enough to exceed them not raising them to where they can’t be met.  This really is much to do over nothing at this point.

Agree Hamster,  This is the time of year in which every team lies to themselves and everyone else. Much akin to what we are going to do in the draft this year is......
There is a lot of talk and the only gain is rumors aplenty. I doubt they know just what they are going to do.  Seems they are hunkered down evaluating the present team. Finishing that they then have to evaluate what is out there and discern what may be had.  Any dart board in the county is as reliable a selector when  it comes to...what are we doing at QB?

Frustrating time of the year. All we can do is give it time.    Then again, reading the tea leaves is a lot of fun and gives us something to do.
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