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Re: Another Trey reset


Posted: 2/8/2013 12:14 PM

Re: Another Trey reset 

0tter wrote:
Nasdaq wrote:


If Trey were all maximum-leader-movey-shakey and bold as when he cam ein on the white tanker trruck, he'd bust out somethin that goes a little something like this (hit it)

"The days of 5 year plans are over in Cleveland. Winning is what matters most, and winning this coming year is included in that statement. I don't know how many more games we can win next season or the seasons after that exactly. I make no grand promises of outcomes. What I do promise is an intense focus, extraordinary effort, and a sense of urgency that we will do everything possible to start winning now. Not after 3 drafts. Not after offensive and defensive systems are installed and coaches are comfortable. Now.  I have instructed Joe and his team to be as aggressive as possible in any and all phases available to them to build this team. I have dircted them to bring every avialable resource to bear to win now; and I have A LOT of resources to offer them. I expect them to follow my directives and I will hold them accountable based on wins and losses.  I look forward to seeing the outcomes and being as supportive as I possbly can in the way they determine is best to help them acomplish the one and only objective that matters in the NFL: winning football games.  

We are not the "same old" Cleveland Browns. I didn't pay one-billion dolllars for that and you shouldn't pay for tickets for that, either." 

Something like that, followed by action and accountability to lend credibility that statement would be a dandy start with me Hamm.

More I think on it, more I say after all this time and the need they felt to capriciously  re-boot F U < K "building through the draft" and "prudent in free agency". May as well just build in the damn excuses now. Why wait?

Well that's what it would be like if another Jim was running the Browns.  But in the real world you can't be in an ultra-regulated, ultra-competitive market of 32 companies and just pull a magic trigger and 'win'. 

You are not patient and unfortunately for all of the whining and gnashing of teeth about 5 year plans the reality is that neither are most Browns fans.  How many 5 year plans have actually been given 5 years?  Instead they've become 2 or 3 year plans.

Haslem, when he first began talking as our team's owner, said that he understands that the most important thing is not the players or the coaching staff or even the GM.  It's the philosophy of the system as a whole that is important.  That's what he learned in his time as a part-owner in Shitsburgh.  Turnover is expected but turning the system inside out every 3 years is not. 

He's committing to the system.  That's what he has to do as an owner.  And while you may disagree with it the teams in the NFL Superbowl this past year didn't get there by making big FA splashes.  They got their by committing to a system and adding pieces and parts, one by one, where they could help.  They've changed their defense on occasion over the last few years moving from a 43 to a 34 and back to a 43.  They changed their head coach.  They changed their OC in the middle of the season.  But they never stopped building a team with a single 'Ravens' phiosophy.  That is a tribute to Ozzie, who's the architect of that system, more than anything.  

Anquin (sic) Boldin wasn't the biggest signing over the last few years for Baltimore but I'd argue he had the biggest impact of any FA on the field for the Ravens in the playoffs.  Meanwhile the Bills, who won the offseason last year, are rebuilding again with a new coach, a new system, and no real philosophy. 

So think about it a little bit Jim.  I'd like them to sign some guys that will help them get to where we all want them to go but they shouldn't be signing guys to win today.  They need guys who will be there to help them win in a couple years when they're ready.
No. He says he's committing to a set of systems. We don't know that he has the ability to actually do it. If the team has a disappointing season after some shaky personnel moves the fans will be...somewhat upset...if something like that develops, we'll see if truck stop boy has the stamina to take something he's never had to take before. An openly dismissive local and national press.
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