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Re: Another Trey reset


Posted: 2/8/2013 8:23 AM

Re: Another Trey reset 

Nasdaq wrote: 


If Trey were all maximum-leader-movey-shakey and bold as when he cam ein on the white tanker trruck, he'd bust out somethin that goes a little something like this (hit it)

"The days of 5 year plans are over in Cleveland. Winning is what matters most, and winning this coming year is included in that statement. I don't know how many more games we can win next season or the seasons after that exactly. I make no grand promises of outcomes. What I do promise is an intense focus, extraordinary effort, and a sense of urgency that we will do everything possible to start winning now. Not after 3 drafts. Not after offensive and defensive systems are installed and coaches are comfortable. Now.  I have instructed Joe and his team to be as aggressive as possible in any and all phases available to them to build this team. I have dircted them to bring every avialable resource to bear to win now; and I have A LOT of resources to offer them. I expect them to follow my directives and I will hold them accountable based on wins and losses.  I look forward to seeing the outcomes and being as supportive as I possbly can in the way they determine is best to help them acomplish the one and only objective that matters in the NFL: winning football games.  

We are not the "same old" Cleveland Browns. I didn't pay one-billion dolllars for that and you shouldn't pay for tickets for that, either." 

That ^^^^^^^....ten thousand freaking times that ^^^^^^^

"Patience my ass. I'm going out to kill something"


The Vulture
Its hard being me.....

Last edited 2/8/2013 8:23 AM by AudieTheGreat

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