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RE: Another Trey reset


Posted: 2/7/2013 6:51 PM

RE: Another Trey reset 

Nasdaq wrote:
Wardawg11 wrote:
Nasdaq wrote:
Wardawg11 wrote: Nas, I saw the question U asked Lane about ML sending negative tape to JL..where did U hear that from ?

Bernie Kosar.
Can U expound on that?

It's kind of a joke only Dennis Miller could apreciate. The Browns are rich in folklore based on intrigue. Some may be true (David Modell sticking his cigar in Felix Wright's chest during salary negotiation, The sercret knock on the door of Al Lerner's jet as Judas was kissing Jesus, Williams Green doing KJ's WAG or vice versa and the knife incident ocurring soon thereafter, Kokinis going out like a drunken, obscene Jerry Maguire mooning everyone after BE was traded while he was MIA, allegedly on a bender), some has proven untrue (BK punched BB in the infamous fabricated Tunnell Incident before he was cut after the Denver game).

One legend is that when Mike Lombardi was trying to run BK out of town in 93 he put together a "low lights" tape of all of the crappy plays BK had made that season and requested an audience with Art Modell to push his support so Lombardi and BB could make the decision to cut BK, knowing he was a civic icon who had done more for Cleveland sports than any other modern athlete in the city's history and they wanted to embarass him and treat him like a dog.

Thus this was simply a ball busting post to Lane knowing he'd get the reference. 

At one time we used to enjoy that in this doman when it was a small clubby group of pompous, elitest, basterds who had internet access via government agencies and educational institutions. Then Cleveland Live started getting popular once AOL started mailing out those free minute CD-ROMS but they didn't moderate. The rest is history. devil
I wonder how many readers had their eyes bug out when they read that.
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