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Re: Another Trey reset


Posted: 2/5/2013 5:11 PM

Re: Another Trey reset 

PROSECUTOR wrote: I keep coming back to the fact that they have to increase payroll by something like $35-40 million just to comply with the CBA and get to the cap floor.

Yet they're saying there won't be any "flashy" signings.

So what's left, ten Frostee Ruckers? Only at different positions, of course. 

Which wouldn't be a bad idea. We need two corners (one starter), a safety, and a couple of 3-4 linebackers. Unless you think Sheldon Brown has another year in him, Usama Young is pretty good, and JMJ, Fort, and Richardson are legitimate starters. 

That's five on defense. Let's say they take a defensive player at #6, so we need four. Maybe three if you like JMJ.

Add in a road grading guard and maybe a TE to replace Ben Watson. His contract is up and Banner doesn't like 32-year-olds, or even 30-year-olds, just ask Sheldon Brown. 

So I'm thinking they sign five non-flashy free agents that fill holes, give or take one. Like Buster Skrine starting at cornerback type of holes. They pass on Michael Vick - too flashy. Any money left over is used to extend guys like Mack or Haden. Maybe they even bring Cribbs or Dawson back, but I doubt it. 

So start with 4-6 non-flashy but solid upgrades in free agency, add in the #6 overall pick and the high 3rd rounder, plus the expected improvement in all those rookies that saw extended PT last year, and we could "almost always almost win" even more games next year.
10 frostee ruckers are too much. You'd get brain freeze and be too full after 3.

I just love the flashy ways, guess that's why we suck and no one's paid.

Biggie, I miss you man!
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