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Re: Another Trey reset

Posted: 2/5/2013 9:42 AM

Re: Another Trey reset 

Say they have 48 million to spend.  Some say the new players contract requires them to spend 80% or 90%.

The new rookie cap rules means that their draft is going to be below $5 million. 

Say they resign some of their free agents and do one, two or three extensions. Does that make another $15 million.

48 million at 80% = $38.4 million subtract $20, means they have to spend $18.4 million.

Now, I really doubt that they are going to spend that much money on fair free agents.

I doubt that they make a $100 million contract, but, I could see a $40 milllion or $50 million five year contract for the right player.

The idea of a Kruger, OLB gets a 5 year contract at 7 to 8 million a year and so much cash guranteed.  They might place extra signing bonus to eat part of the hit in the first year to take care of the large number.

Reading about Alex Mack and extended his contract is open for discussion.  Joe Haden extension could be considered.

They will be signing two to three very good players.  There are going to be many free agents in the market.  Too many good teams are over the cap or close to the cap.

After the major signing of the top of the market with premium dollars, the next level and those players who rudely got awakened that their agents lied to them.  They were not the premium players they were led to believe.

Once the crazy money is out of the market, the Browns can make some very good signings.

If the rules say 90% it is $43.2, which is an additional $4.8 million that they are required to spend.

Grossi commented on Flacco and how he got negative reviews his rookie year and Ozzie knew it would take time to develop.  He looks like he has developed very good in his fifth year.  He commented on not giving up on Brandon Weeden too soon.
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Posted: 2/5/2013 9:44 AM

Re: Another Trey reset 

"We're never gonna get by, unless, we are a little crazy."

- Seal
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