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Re: Another Trey reset

  • redright
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Posted: 2/4/2013 7:43 PM

Re: Another Trey reset 

Nasdaq wrote:
redright wrote: Dunno. This free agency approach could be the same as the patriots ... all about value .

How is that ANY different from Frostee and Juqua?

The point is that there were all these expectations and messianic hosannah's heaped upon Trey when he rode in on his fine arab charger. It's all BS. They are gonna pursue the same  strategy H&H did.

Doesn't mean they won't do it better, but all the hype is a bunch of dung.
When i get off the mobile, i may better answer the difference.  Pats way, B B roster is all  value... Cap is critical.  Pay the top guys, brady Wilfork.  Let moss walk. Moss was a#4 rd draft choice cost.  Welker a 2nd.  Both paid little  Randy released mid season..high cost coming.  Welker, short money and now pay day coming.  Pats , B Bs system says he is gone.  Problem , he is 35 yr old  Brady,s security blanket. Wrecks the system to pay Welker his worth. That money should go to improving the quality of second level players

G Bay had a couple of high priced players get hurt Next man up level was poor.  Pats expect to have to go to the next man up level every season. It is this level that is better than most teams.  The idea is to go into Free agency to get capable performers.  Most teams go into  F A for studs/ difference makers.  Sometimes the Pats hit a home run, Welker.  Most times they get a base hit while developing their picks.

If Welker insists on his payday and leaves, I hope we take a pass.  His money doesnt fit and we should be looking to get the most out of Gordon and Little. Develop the picks  Supplement the Wrs in free agency. Maybe a cheaper Danny Amendola.

The idea is to use F A to  an immediate need for short money while you develop a player.  We have gone into F A and paid for long term starters.  Those starters many times couldnt start for the team they left.  If they were seen as stopgap and paid as such, no problem.  Signing them as high level starters and paying as such, big problem.
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