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Re: Modell misses Hall of Fame vote again

  • redright
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Posted: 2/8/2013 6:00 PM

Re: Modell misses Hall of Fame vote again 

PeterB58 wrote:
redright wrote:

Problem, No team has ever moved if it had a lease or agreement with any city. Even the Colts left Blt when the City didn't give them a lease. Irsay leaving in the dead of night. NO different than any other tenant whose lease was not renewed by the landlord. My memory is the town fathers of Blt made it clear that the Colts could go if they expected any consideration from the City.  While the lease with Irsay had expired, the city was negotiating (in good faith it thought) an extension along with plans for a new stadium (what turned out to be the early designs of Camden Yards).

This after Irsay had been openly negotiating with other cities to move his team.  Being caught drunk at BWI airport returning from Phoenix and filmed helicoptering onto the 50-yard line of the Gator Bowl in front of 45,000 people during Jacksonville's "Colt Fever" campaign (not exactly the Lerner spy plane on the tarmac at BWI).

In March 1984, Several state legislators got wind that Irsay was close to completing a deal with an unknown city and tried to prevent it with eminent domain legislation.  It would not have held up in court, but it spooked Irsay enough.  That's when he bolted.  No one ever told Irsay to "go ahead and leave" as you seem to imply.

Hindsight being 1000/20, the city and state were never in synch in their negotiations with Irsay.  Some wanted to give him whatever it took to get him to stay, others played varying degrees of hardball.  They should have presented a clear, consistent message....especially to someone that was blasted out of his mind half the time....if it was before noon.

And in further hindsight Maryland should have just built him a new stadium and waited the damned old drunk out until he died.  12 years of horrific football with the Peyton Manning rainbow at the end would have been better than 12 years of nothing....for Baltimore and Cleveland.
Uh We disagree.  My buddy was and is Colt fan. Followed it closely.  My memory is of a disagreeable city counsel until it was too late, much like Homestead Fla did with the Indians. After the team moves on, the blame campaign begins.
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