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Re: Modell misses Hall of Fame vote again

Posted: 2/7/2013 3:24 PM

Re: Modell misses Hall of Fame vote again 

Peter, no way was I comparing Ballmer fans with Boston or New York.  They were unsually combative in the stands (at least at old Memorial Stadium, especially on opening days), but otherwise good folk.

And I agree on the litigation.  Cleveland basically told Art that he could give up the colors, or fight a protracted battle he didn't want and need, even if he'd win (and if nothing else, it put Cleveland politicians in a "we're fighting for our people" stance).  Even winners settle out of court if the cost/benefit doesn't work out.  And Art had enough problems with which to contend.

Anyway, knowing Art, he thought it was mighty white of himself to give it all back to the community.  Besides, the Baltimore Browns did sound a little too... urban. 

I do recall that Art approached Irsay with the idea of swapping names.  THAT went over like a lead balloon.
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