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Re: Modell misses Hall of Fame vote again

  • PeterB58
  • Junkyard Terror
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Posted: 2/7/2013 12:48 PM

Re: Modell misses Hall of Fame vote again 

Aardvark wrote: PETER:


Great line, but time more than a championship probably cooled the Ballmer hatred for the Irsays.


It's certainly a combination.  The first SB seemed to validate that Baltimore had come all the way back.  Sort of a big FU to Irsay and the NFL.

I think there would still be plenty of angst if the trophy case was still empty and Jimmy was sporting a couple of rings. 

And I imagine a lot of locals slapped themselves when they saw Cleveland threaten legal action on taking the name and colors.  The Colt name and unis were sacred down there.

PB58: I know you don't want to hear this...but Modell, like Irsay, owned the name and colors...sure, I am sure a local judge in Cleveland would have ruled that he had to give them up...but that would have been overturned on appeal.  They were his property..and the state just can't take it away...just as Baltimore and Maryland couldn't take the team or name or colors away from Irsay.

Modell saw that nobody in Baltimore wanted to root for the Baltimore Browns...sure, an ex-governor, Redskin season-ticket holder, to-this-day-has-never-been-seen-at-a-Ravens game held up a Browns mug at the press conference, but I think you'all read too much into that one instance.

Modell saw it as a battle not fighting...and hoped it would generate some goodwill with the public and the league by leaving them.

The Ravens still look like they came over from the XFL.

Ha. Ha.  Like I said, we wanted our own identity:  "It's not pretty...but it's Baltimore."

And a whole city getting laid can only go so far.  Take the Red Sox finally winning the WS.  Their fans went from being perennially whiny mopes about the Curse of the Bambino to obnoxious imitations of Yankee fans.

Try it first and talk to me in the morning.  Besides, the Yankees are (legitimately) arrogant, Red Sox fans are (annoyingly) arrogant...Baltimore fans still fancy themselves as the little brother to the big brother cities of the NorthEast and feel most comfortable constantly having that chip-on-their-shoulder underdog mentality...not saying we won't be obnoxious...but we don't do arrogance well...and I take extreme offense to being lumped into the Pink-Hat-Nation. 


With Cleveland, you guys have hope, because whether or not Haslam and Banner are "those guys" knew that Lerner and whoever he hired was not...


The same could be said about switching out qb's.  That's just an easier process. 

Still, knowing one wasn't going to cut it doesn't make the new guy's odds any better.  Gotta pin hopes on more than that.

PB58:  You may be right...I was trying to be nice...

Last edited 2/7/2013 12:50 PM by PeterB58

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Posted: 2/7/2013 3:24 PM

Re: Modell misses Hall of Fame vote again 

Peter, no way was I comparing Ballmer fans with Boston or New York.  They were unsually combative in the stands (at least at old Memorial Stadium, especially on opening days), but otherwise good folk.

And I agree on the litigation.  Cleveland basically told Art that he could give up the colors, or fight a protracted battle he didn't want and need, even if he'd win (and if nothing else, it put Cleveland politicians in a "we're fighting for our people" stance).  Even winners settle out of court if the cost/benefit doesn't work out.  And Art had enough problems with which to contend.

Anyway, knowing Art, he thought it was mighty white of himself to give it all back to the community.  Besides, the Baltimore Browns did sound a little too... urban. 

I do recall that Art approached Irsay with the idea of swapping names.  THAT went over like a lead balloon.
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