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Re: Weeden, QBs and the draft


Posted: 2/11/2013 4:33 PM

Re: Weeden, QBs and the draft 

Gameface64 wrote:
Never asking him to make difficult plays? is there a easy playbook and a difficult one? Degree of difficulty have any relation to what the defense is doing. And a high completion/low interception ratio and a winning record is bad because......what? That we have Brandon Weeden in the locker room, so we're all set?

You're being willfully dense here.  It's a very conservative game plan that they could get away with because their defense and run game were so strong that they didn't NEED the QB to produce much.  If the QB isn't pushed to produce and has an elite supporting cast even average guys can look efficient.  Alex Smith was averaging under 175 yards a game in 2012, and QBs who aren't asked to throw much often put up high efficiency #s. 

It's the 2007 Jaguars all over again.  David Garrard had amazing efficiency stats (>100 passer rating!) because he threw the ball little (low 300s in pass attempts) and had a #2 run game and top 10 scoring defense to do the heavy lifting.  Conservative game plans can do that with average QB talent, but it only works if you don't need a lot of passing yards.  When he had to throw 500+ attempts in 2008-9 to try to keep the team in games he didn't put in Tom Brady numbers, his efficiency stats cratered and he had a losing record.

Alex Smith looks like a similar mirage, a product of a strong supporting cast that let them get away with very conservative play calling.  Do you think the Browns can win games with only 175 passing yards a game any time soon? 
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