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Re: Weeden, QBs and the draft


Posted: 2/8/2013 6:33 AM

Re: Weeden, QBs and the draft 

Gameface64 wrote:
sean10mm wrote: People giving Alex Smith credit for the 49ers successes when the 49ers treated him like he was a liability is kind of funny. 

Alex Smith looked good on paper in 2011-12 because the whole scheme was designed to protect him from himself.  By never asking him to make difficult plays he had few opportunities to screw up, keeping his completion % up and interception % down...of course he produced hardly any offense, either.

Somehow I don't think this will be an option for the Browns.
Alex Smith looked good on the field in 2012, and the only reason he got treated like a liability is that Colin K showed up like Tom Brady Jr.

Never asking him to make difficult plays? is there a easy playbook and a difficult one? Degree of difficulty have any relation to what the defense is doing. And a high completion/low interception ratio and a winning record is bad because......what? That we have Brandon Weeden in the locker room, so we're all set?

Sean, you may be right, I can't say. But my POV isn't about a particular player, Smith or Flynn or a draft choice. It's about the Browns going balls out to find a QB and not stopping until they do. And not giving a sh"""t about any player's bruised feelings. Like they're delicate little flowers. If they're that soft, we don't want 'em anyway. If Weeden is all that, he'll beat out all comers on the field.

Groc your intent which I can endorse , however some years when you need a player at a position such as rb lets say , the only talent available is Travis Prentiss , no matter what your resources you can bring to bear to get better .

For the Browns , the moves to be made on QB were last year , they not only didn't get RG3 they failed to double down , when they could have netted Wilson ontop of picking a 200 year old rookie eligible for NFL retirement from the day he was  drafted .

So we're stuck with pushing him this year , as the only replacement options are other teams leftovers or using a number one pick on second tier Tarvis Williams type second round QB talent .

Essentially we're stuck until 2014 , never mind any pomp ceremony or fake bluster which emanates out of their pie holes otherwise .

Fortunately Weeds is salvageable, has one of the best QB gurus in football in Norv and a HC who milked honey outta mud , when he squeezed damn near 4,000 yards outta of a moron like DA with brain dead receivers like Braylon and Winslow as primaries .

Build the defense in a defense draft , slap a bandaid and baling wire on Weeds butt and and add a junkyard spare until you clear the dessert and can replenish from the 2014 well .

The bitter swallow of Castor oil , when you have no other choice to get well, you ain't gotta like it , but when your grandma is pinching off your nose , you damn near have no choice but to do it.

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