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Re: Weeden, QBs and the draft


Posted: 2/7/2013 9:37 PM

Re: Weeden, QBs and the draft 

redright wrote:
Gary Reents wrote:
Gameface64 wrote: Alex Smith = NFL success
DA = NFL fail
Brandon Weeden = NFL success or failure, outcome unknown

Bringing DA in is not bringing in competition, it's just changing the name of the backup.

Not sure if the Browns want Smith or Smith wants the Browns. It's a long shot. But if it were to unfold that way, I don't see how that can be a bad thing. Worst case Weeden has an epiphany and beats out Smith in TC (hello Matt Flynn) and we wasted some cap space and have an awesome backup AND a hot 2nd year QB. Smith beats out Weeden (which is what I'd bet happens) and you've got a (way) above average starter and a above average back up. Win win either way.

Substititue Matt Flynn for Weeden and you could let that roll as well. Substitue some rookie QB out of this draft and use the cap money to get vet help at positions you would have used draft picks on and I'm all right with that too. What I'm not alright with is thinking that we can stand pat with Brandon Weeden and blow another year if he can't play a consistent game.

All these decisions are complicated, but they won't be weighed in a vacuum. The coaches are going to have OTAs and film and teaching time with Weeden to access how much of an investment to make in him. Biggest worry for me is his ability to see the field and play intuitively.

Weeden hasn't shown enough to be gifted the position, but he's shown enough to deserve a shot at starting. I understand the desire to commit to and develop a young QB, but you do that with a QB who demonstrates enough to justify the investment. Weeden doesn't have that luxury, partly because of his age, and partly because of his spotty play last season. If you bring in a vet, see if Weeden can raise to the occasion (a pretty good test of his competitive will). Bring in a rookie and develop in parallel and see if you catch fire in a bottle.

For f'''k's sake, be proactive for once.

This is the crossroads. There's some good young talent, there's some quality vets, the window can be starting to open. Won't open without a QB and some FA talent. Spend 2 years dicking around
with Weeden and fail, then guys like Joe Thomas are on the downside and you're trying to backfill holes again.

Carpe diem, bitches.
If they go with Alex Smith they have given up on Weeden. If they bring in DA, Chud is ensuring he has a QB that can run his offense and is unsure of Weeden but wants to see. 

I'm not saying its what I want, I think that's what follows.
Logical   Smith coming in not only means they have given up on Weeds, it signals a different offense.
What are your thoughts on Moore?  Did well. in Miami.  Wants to compete as a starter.  Looks to fit Norv's. system.
Not necessarily. Put a picture of RG3 next to Cousins and tell me how they can run the same system. Alex Smith never threw a bomb?
>>> Decleater <<<
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