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RE: Weeden, QBs and the draft

  • mes78
  • Junkyard Terror
  • 2398 posts this site

Posted: 2/5/2013 10:22 PM

RE: Weeden, QBs and the draft 

My read on this is the following:
1. Weeden's overall play was not good enough
2. If a QB is available via FA, a trade, or the draft and is currently a better QB, Banner and co. will explore this option. If the upgrade QB is acquired, a real "competition" will not occur unless the upgrade is injured in preseason, completely stinks up the joint, or Weeden makes Kapernick/Tom Brady level improvement from year 1 to 2.
3. If a QB upgrade cannot be acquired, then a lesser QB candidate will be added. DA, Whitehurst, some other vet or a draftee outside of rounds 1 and 2. The QB competition will be more or less staged, with some pressure put on Weeden with a vet or draft pick "pushing him", but in reality the job is Weeden's unless he regresses even more or is injured.

IMO, Smith is the perfect candidate to gamble on. He's had recent success, is in his prime, and at best could lead the Browns to contender status. At worst, he's a game manager that battles Weeden for the starting spot, a la Dilfer and Tony Banks. Weeden either surpasses him, or in 2014 the Browns are drafting the "next" franchise guy.

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