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Re: Weeden, QBs and the draft


Posted: 2/5/2013 4:15 PM

Re: Weeden, QBs and the draft 

Nasdaq wrote:
hamster wrote: We have no choice with Weeden for now but let's not create a bad comparison for hopes sake. Flacco had a 60% completion to start with, he also had a better qb rating. He also had MANY more years to learn on his time clock. Flacco looked far better from the start. We have too many needs to waste a draft pick or bad signing but if they see a better choice that wouldn't make it nessecarily a knee jerk reaction.

can't argue about years left. is what it is. And Flacco is more mobile.

But Flaco was decidely "meh" as a young QB.

As a rook he was 60% (better than now FWIW) and a rating of 80 on an 11 win team. WR's were a vet derek mason, a vet fomer pro bowl TE Todd Heap playing a rare 16 games and Mark Clayton, a decent NFL player.

Weeds with Little, Gordon and Watson was 57% with a 72 rating on a 5 win team.

So I dunno mang. I'm not seeing Dan Marino compared to Ryan Leaf here as far as rookie seasons... YMMV

Hard to quantify inaccuracy if you can't know for sure when the WR's are where they are supposed to be.

BTW - Joe's comp % was 59% this year, 2% better than Weeds. Now OBVIOUSLY I'm not saying Weeds is close to him, just saying yah gotta be careful with blucnt numbers, s'all.

I saw Joe Flaco for his first 2 - 3 seasons. And I must invoke Otter talking about the Delta Chi House seniors when they were Freshmen. "Let me tell you the story of another loser"...
Thing is, your ignoring the situation. Baltimore was a playoff caliber team and Flac was not supposed to start. 

The offense was the Ravens achilles since their first championship. The pressure on the QB was intense. Steve McNair didn't live up to it.

Under those circumstances, for Flac to do what he did as a young guy was impressive. Since his rookie year, he's had good and bad games but, at his best, he's untouchable-definite top 5 QB.

But besides arm strength, the biggest difference between Flacco and Weeden is an intangible. The ability to capitalize with key throws. Flacco's been like that since his rookie year and has only improved.

STOP with the DA talk. He's not a starter-that's been established I thought-and not just here in Cleveland.

Alex Smith is a marginal starter. We're better off with Weeden in this scenario.

Matt Flynn didn't too to well in the open market-even his former OC didn't want him. He went to a best case scenario place and still didn't secure a start. Bad option here.

Lombardi wouldn't make any of these moves. The only legitimate upgrades out there would be...

Ryan Mallett - Debate how great of an upgrade but he's younger with a bigger arm and upside. Knocked coming out for his character but haven't heard a peep out of him sitting behind a HOF QB, coach, and NFL best organization.

E.J. Manuel - Possesses one of the biggest arms in the draft and is easily the most mobile of the draft's top rated QBs. Not ready to take a team by the horns but a solid guy to develop for a year or two.

Tyler Bray - Does the possess the biggest arm of any guy coming out. Reportedly has been an immature douche and his stock reflects that. A very similar guy to Mallett coming out and we know what Lombardi thought of him.

Tyrod Taylor - Don't laugh. With Flacco about to be paid and locked up for the foreseeable fututre, if I was Tyrod's agent, I'd be trying to get him out of there asap. He's got starting caliber traits. He's very similar to Vick and playing in the right era. Imagine him starting for Chip Kelly....yeah.
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Posted: 2/5/2013 7:53 PM

Re: Weeden, QBs and the draft 

If Alex Smith is a marginal starter whAt is Weeden? Really having a hard time unrstanding why some guys can't be given credit for their very clear accomplishments.
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