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Re: Weeden, QBs and the draft


Posted: 2/4/2013 11:47 AM

Re: Weeden, QBs and the draft 

SoulDawg74 wrote:
Gameface64 wrote: So Haslam says Weeden will have competition next year. Thought this through and I think its a good idea. Maybe Weeden has it, and if he does, competition is not going to hurt him. Maybe he doesn't, in which case, the sooner we get someone else the better. It's not like Weeden lit up the league last year, he flashed, but lots of QBs flash. What he didn't do was play well consistently, or show a steady upward trend of reading defenses and exploiting weaknesses. It might be better coaching, but again, competition should not hurt. Exhibit 1A, Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn.

Speaking of, what are the options for bringing in some competition. Alex Smith or Matt Flynn would be alright with me, we've got the cap, might as well spend some of it if the guaranteed money isn't that big. And if the coaches believe those guys can fit and excel in Cleveland. Put 'em up against Weeden and see what happens.

If they don't want to go that route, I wouldn't blink twice in using our first pick on a QB. Matter of fact, if I were GM, I'd use my first or second pick in every draft on a QB until I found one. It's a roll of the dice, but until you Yahtzee a QB, you're going nowhere anyway. Fill in around that pick with whatever else you can get and free agents.

I wouldn't pull the trigger on a QB in this draft class before the third round .

Doesn't make sense with so much better defensive talent to reach for 2nd tier QB talent in the first round in panic , bad enough they'll be a frenzy of desperation for those picking high beret of even a Weed type talent who will try and justify such waste with such doomed moves and I pray its not us.

You can upgrade the competition at the spot thru free agency without wasting resources should Weeds pan out .

DA would push Weeden , same big arm and knows the offense ,and wouldn't cost draft picks , allows you to push Weeds  and develop him and leaves room for a third wheel to develop .

Nat Moore would cost less than Smith and also give you a push .

Flynn isn't a fit in this scheme , his arm is only slightly stronger than McCoys , and just had his clock cleaned by a rookie , so thats paise.

Smith has more experience than Weeds , but his arm isn't as good , although he could execute a ball control type scheme , I feel the big cash and essentially giving up on Weeden without leaving him an opening to be the man in his second year ,would be counterproductive .

Use these methods and leave your resources available to shop for QB talent via the draft in 2014 if Weeds doesn't respond.

Too soon to pitch him , and Marylynn Monroe ain't in this class, that you could draft her and kick him to the curb.



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Posted: 2/4/2013 7:05 PM

Re: Weeden, QBs and the draft 

I'm working on the Flynn/Wilson model. Excess is a beautiful thing when it comes to QBs, because until he got one you don't have a team.

My POV has evolved. The one constant of TBNG is no QB, therefore I don't give a flying f""k about any other postiion until we have one. The few fleeting moments this franchise has been decent since 99 has always been driven by decent QB play. Holcolm and DA's brief shining moments lifted teams that seemed to sit on the border of bad and mediocre into something more dangerous. And when they couldn't achieve any consistency, the team slouched back into being the spineless lump we've come to know and loathe.

And if that means bringing in 2 or 3 QBs and letting them duke it out in TC, well rah. And if any of them can't handle it, they can get on their horse and ride away. Nobody that's going to QB this club will have the resume to get pissy about a challenge.

Yep Weeds needs time. But if Alex Smith ends up here, here's going to have to up his game to be the starter. If he can't, c'est la vie Pierre. Work with the second team and hope you get another chance. If Matt Flynn comes here, let him and Weeden duel. It's not like teams dont' waste tons of pre-season time that could be better put to use. Hell, Sherm barely let Weeden play this X, and he was severely inexperienced.

Nope, not buying the Weeden gets gifted and let's spend another year seeing what he's got. Love his arm, his brain is the issue. And chances are we're not getting A Smith or Matt Flynn. But we can draft someone in the 1st round and I wouldn't mind one bit. I don't know college ball, but I do know that people miss on QBs all the time. Kaepernick in the 2nd, how the holyfrack did that happen? Dalton in the 2nd, Wilson in the 3rd, Brady in the 6th. If finding a QB is a crap shoot, holding the dice and not rolling will never cash you in.

QB, have one or have no team at all.
>>> Decleater <<<
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