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Re: Who ya got in the NFL Championship game?


Posted: 1/30/2013 1:31 PM

Re: Who ya got in the NFL Championship game? 

I hope Ray Lewis breaks his neck and dies on the field

With the Ravens and Lewis this game has all the makings of being an absolute unwatchable travesty that tarnishes sports far beyond PED's and the NFL's gifting The Pitts vs Seattle

I refuse to expose myself to the constant cock slurping and verbal dieification of Ray Lewis that you will be victim to with only a slim chance of seeing him fail

Losing just isn't enuff for me....I'd want to see him carted off the field unable to wave and the entire Raven sideline break down in tears

9r's totally out play the Crows and the garbage eating Ratbirds are gifted all the right calls

I'll check the score now and then....if the 9r's are up 40, I'll tune in

Its hard being me.....
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