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Re: Horton: straight shooter or loose cannon?

Posted: 1/31/2013 11:49 AM

Re: Horton: straight shooter or loose cannon? 

Gary Reents wrote:

When was it we stopped blaming Belichick for all those picks? What happened to the stories of Belichick throwing things in rage and acting out of panic during the draft?

Who's we?  Even Belichick claims responsibility for them.  But it's hard to fathom that the guy who Belichick promoted to run the draft doesn't bear some responsibility for 92-95 good and bad.  Even if that responsibility goes to letting Belichick trump him.  R

regardless of who in the room was the deciding factor Lombardi has all but said he will be using essentially the same consensus selection system he was using in '92.   That's what I think is more important. 

Just gotta hope that the draftniks in the room are able to set up a better board they did in 92 so regardless of who's doing to picking they can't make a bad choice.
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